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Who's Afreya Mimiron?

Down in the inky depths of Ulduar, where only the mechanical creations of a mad gnome and the occasional adorable Nessy dare to tred, the Watchers found Mimiron.

But first they killed Freya. She was so easy and un-achievement-like that downing her barely registered in our collective consciousness. We didn't even remember to get kill shots.

Anyway, back to third person: The Watchers arrived (arroved?) to behold the clanking and thunking of spinning gyros and meandering bombots. Before them a great button loomed, red as blood and large as big. The letters: "DO NOT PRESS!" were scrawled across it in sharpie. The Watchers knew what to do. They pressed the shit out of it. They pressed it so totally and completely that a competition developed to see who could press it the most.

This proved to be a poor decision

Looks like arson to me. Get the probe!

After wiping thoroughly and completely, the Watchers returned, resolved not to press the button again no matter how deeply they wanted to. It remains a challenge, but we're taking it day by day.

The first night (after roughly an hour of attempts) we were forced to call it. But we had learned ever so much (yes I'm back to first person now. Gotta keep you on your toes).

The next Friday we returned for another hour and twenty or so, and everything clicked. Everything clicked so hard the clicking didn't stop until this morning. I couldn't sleep all weekend because of the incessant clicking. The end result was this:

Mimiron dies in a giant heap of dead, and we take his loot for our own. Yeah that's right, I'm in present tense now. Forget the past, live in the now! Or rather, don't forget it, but just talk about it like it's happening right now all the time.

Now we has our very own giant Mimiron pet.

Its'a meeee... miron!

Well... until Tuesday when he turns evil again. It's got to do with the tides or the moon or something... I don't totally understand. Some bots are just born to be bad I guess.

A great and mysterious gate rumbles open down the hall. What lies beyond?


What comes next?

Find out next time...

...after we kill it.
13 Jul 2009 by carwin

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