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Celebrating the Carwin New Years

[Carwin] It's 2009! Hooray! *brrroooowwweeee*

[Everyone] ...

[Carwin] Hey, where is everyone?

[Jorren] It's been 2009 for almost 3 months. It's old news.

[Carwin] What? How can a year be old news? I mean, until it's over? It's not old, it's NOW, man. Live in the now.

[Jorren] You're just saying that to make your lazy, three-month-late New Years post appear less lazy and less three-months-late.

[Carwin] I prefer to think of myself as open-minded about time.

[Jorren] [Lazy and Good For Nothing] imo.

[Eat Me]

[Jorren] sad

[Carwin] New Years 2009! Hawweee! *brraaappppt*

[Carwin] You know what this means right? It's "this time last year" time!

At this time last year you were level 70.

At this time last year we were still discussing whether the next expansion would be in Northrend or Pandaria. I not only insisted it would be Pandaria, I swore to quit the game and mail my favorite pair of galoshes to Deline if it weren't.

At this time last year Naxxramas was hovering over Eastern Plaguelands, dropped crappy level 60 epics, still took over 30 people to clear, and required at least Revered status with the Argent Dawn to realistically complete attunement.

At this time last year the only ZA boss we'd killed was Nalorakk, and the general consensus was that he was hard as hell.

At this time last year we couldn't spend half of our time online linking awesome abilities to each other, like so: [Dung]. lol.

At this time last year we used to say "wouldn't it be cool if you could somehow get credit for running all these old instances, or finishing these silly old reps?" ... but then we ran and finished them anyway.

At this time last year my account was mere days away from being stolen, resulting in the looting of the guild bank, the savage murder of Watchley, and the loss of the precious Arcanists Belt I was saving for Digby. I'm not still bitter, though.

At this time last year Katala's Ultrasonic Insect Massager was still being developed in Silithus. To my knowledge, it still is.

At this time last year Caillech was the Watchers Member of the Week. To my knowledge, she still is.

At this time last year your bags were totally full of crap. To my knowledge, they still are, but at least all those tokens, pets and mounts aren't among it.

At this time last year the Watchers tabard was white with a black space invader for a logo.

At this time last year 10-man progression was an afterthought to Blizz and we had no hope of ever seeing endgame beyond the first tier.

At this time last year Shishi and I didn't have a house yet, and Tom and Bran were still on Pacific Time.

At this time last year elekk were the largest land mammal you could ride.

At this time last year Karazhan was already old news.

Happy Belated 2009 Everyone!

2009 will bring raids we can actually progress through and phat loot we can actually get. There will be delicious heaps of fun dusted with bitter sprinkles of drama. There will be colorful, fascinating new areas to explore and lame, cheap new bosses to hate. There will be late Friday nights on vent raiding and early Saturday mornings in silence dailying. There will be another 365 (-60) days with Watchers... what more could you ask for?

See you there.

26 Feb 2009 by carwin

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