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Oh Well,Thuzad

For the record, it's pronounced: "Kell Thoo Zah d."

This post is a few weeks late. It's not that us killing the last boss of Naxxramas isn't a big deal, it's just hard to find time to post when your nights are consumed with farming BC reps for achievements. I'm a busy man!

I'm glad you understand.

I, uh... I'm supposed to stab that?

As predicted, Sapph went down immediately post-nerf.

For any readers planning to battle Sapph in the future: the secret is to never hide from him. He hates hiders.

No hiding!

He became a big old pile of bones in no time.

Click for larger image

Then, on a very special episode of Friday the 13th we killed Kel'Thuzad for the first time. That's one week after we killed Sapphiron for the first time (Fri. 6th), which is ironically (note: not ironic) the same day I posted that we hadn't killed him yet. I don't know how that happened exactly... it's like living in CoT around here.


We're sittin on ur chair, spittin on ur corpse. Lawls. (click for larger pic)



KT has died twice again since, staunchly refusing to drop anything useful for anyone.

Yes, Fin won Kel'Thuzad's Reach but he didn't want it. He's using it as a coat hanger and he doesn't even wear a coat.

Seven or eight Cloaks of the Dying dropped. I had to staple them onto casters' backs they were so reluctant to take em. I have to do daily "cloak checks" to make sure they haven't secretly vendored their phat lewts.

Kel also dropped some T7 helmets which obviously nobody wanted. Oshara wears hers sometimes just to make me feel good, I think. But I see through it.

He dropped Anarchy which is not an item but a state of social disintegration. Nobody except for people who tattoo themselves with razorblades covered in pen ink want that. So Cid was happy.

Finally, he dropped a Gem of Imprisoned Vassals which may have nice stats, but it moans all night on your bedside table and keeps you up.

Joking aside: Phat ilvl213 loot! Woot! Grats winners!

I think it's actually impossible to get a decent shot of Maly on the ground.

We gave Malygos a shot and had a... challenging time... lets say. But he's our next target, which means he'll probably die 15 minutes after I click 'Submit' on this story and totally mess up my news page timeline again.

Before I go, make sure you check out the updated Watchers Raid Schedule.

Next time I'll tell you about the old god we killed one night when we were bored. Until then!

24 Feb 2009 by carwin

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