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Zee Ayyyyy!
After a very extended hiatus from troll-instance-2008, Watchers returned with furious fury with back-to-back raids (Friday, lead by Finial, then Wed, lead by myself).

Between the two runs we killed Nalorakk (bahr) twice, Akil'zan (chikken) twice for the first time, and Jan'alai (dragonhawk) once (on Fin's run!) also for the first time.

We also came within 1 minute of getting the timed-run chest off of Nalorakk! Our first ZA chest opening is inevitably coming soon.

So that's two guild-first kills in a week! Maybe we'll see Zul'jin before WotLK after all...

Bear is still obnoxious due to "woops u died lol!" spikes, but barring that sort of bad luck he's become very easy. Between the two runs, he dropped:
Fury x2

I think those went to Benee and Redaxe. Not sure. Since it's Nalorakk's only drop, everyone who wants one will get it sooner or later.

After that we ran up through the gauntlet to:

Arise chicken, arise!

It turns out Akil'zon just isn't that hard when you give him a serious attempt. The whole fight boils down well-timed clumping. Clump when someone says clump, you win. Don't clump when clumping is called, or clump before the clump clumps, you lose (maybe). Pretty much all there is to it.

Of course two kills means two items:

Chestguard of Hidden Purpose
To Dracoz, who will be utlizing it's more obvious purpose as a pally healing BP.

Signet of Ancient Magics
A ring so uber the only reason we didn't shard it is because a certain priest had accidentally vendored his Kara ring a few nights prior.

There's a dead chicken in there, srsly

He also dropped a scroll of Thunderclap Rank 10 for me. Check it:

Click image for larger version

Gonna be spamming that in Shatt all weekend.

Next up is a brand new, totally action-packed trash clear (no sarcasm for once! This trash is madness!)... followed by Dragonhawk!

Or as I call him, "dawk"

This fight is pretty cool. Depending on your raid make-up you could approach it in several different ways. You can even stay alive after he enrages, as long as the healing's good.

And as you can see, he's awesome looking.

Click image for commentary!

He took some learnin', but a few attempts later he was just another dead duck/chicken/beakedy thing.

Only 1x phat lewts from him, because only Fin's run downed him:

Bulwark of the Amani Empire ~ Carwin (8D)

Wish these guys would drop more than one item >.>

Last and definitely least, we pushed on the fourth and final aspect, Halazzi (Lynx). We discovered a really neat lake, a guy who will give you a 15 stam gem for free, and a boss that seems like he'll be a brick wall for the forseeable future.


This dude's a monster. I mean I know that's obvious, but figuratively too. He hits harder than anything has ever hit before and he AE-spams the raid with constant 2.5k+ chain lightnings. I'm almost thinking partial Nature resist gear a'la Curator is the way to go, cause his DPS is off the charts.

Oh well, we'll see him again some day, and maybe he'll die.

Until then, we lit up 3 torches -- a new record! -- got to see two new bosses, and learned that ZA isn't really as bad as all that.

one to go!

That said... next week we're going to Kara.

Thanks to everyone who came along!
17 Jun 2008 by carwin

by Jaspin @ 17 Jun 2008 05:18 pm
Nice Pic's! it looks like it was a blast!

by Dracoz @ 17 Jun 2008 07:11 pm
Both runs were tons of fun

by Memster @ 17 Jun 2008 09:43 pm
""woops u died lol!" spikes"
haha, classic.
nice job guys!

by Tweakey @ 20 Jun 2008 10:23 pm
Awesome stuff guys!

by Tally @ 23 Jun 2008 01:01 am
Whoooooo! One to go!

by Mav/Mave @ 26 Jun 2008 01:04 pm

nice thunderclap... wassat

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