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Visiting Auntie Jaina

What's this Hyjal place?

Wowwiki says:
The Battle of Mount Hyjal was the final conflict of the Third War. Two gray peaks rise high above the surrounding forests. The arcane Well of Eternity lies at Hyjal Summit, and the great World Tree, Nordrassil, blackened and wounded in the Third War, stands over it. Divine magic permeates Mount Hyjal.

Battle for Mount Hyjal is the 25 man raid instance in the Caverns of Time. Its difficulty is slightly below that of Black Temple, the first two Tier 6 set tokens can be won here. Defeating enemies in Hyjal Summit yields reputation with The Scale of the Sands.

Let's see which is more true.

Oh hey, it's a sunny little town!

And Lady Jaina Proudmore is here! And she's... about 12 feet tall... for some reason.

Group shot with the giant lady!

culd i have ur horse pls? He is proud and full of color.

Man, this place is great. We should hang out here all d...


With all our powers combined, we can kill... one...

Hell friggin' yeah! See that dead ghoul on the left? That was all us.

So, the event is a little too intense for 10.

Let's try exploring.

Them's some pretty graphics!

Pretty... abomination... graphics.

These are actually really easy! Too bad they don't drop loot or rep.

Knee deep in the dead.

Killing loot-less mobs that respawn rapidly is nice and all, but it loses it's appeal. More exploring ho!

Turns out there's nothing more to do (though plenty to see!). You can take a dip in the Well of Eternity, which screws you up so bad you can't cast any spells for 30 seconds. You can talk to Thrall and Tyrande, who both tell you to talk to Jaina. You can talk to Jaina, who will drop about a thousand ghouls on you. And that's it.

Still, it's a very cool place. I think with 15-20 people we could kill enough trash to get a shot at a few T6-quality epics. Might be worth a try sometime. /hinthint

Undeterred, we went on to check out Black Temple. Someone said the trash there isn't too hard.

Someone was wrong.

The next screenshot would have been a horrible wipe, if I had thought to take it. Ho-rri-ble-wipe. There were 4 naga and 2 DRAGON TURTLES, which is obviously awesome, but the naga hit for ~5k and the turtles were bitey and rude.

Oh well, only one place left.

Right inside that door there are 6 mobs. So that's as far as we got.

Thanks for coming!

Thanks to everyone who attended. We got to see some cool new stuff, learned a lot about Hyjal, and died... a... ton.

See you all again soon!
22 May 2008 by carwin

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