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Fashion Disaster
The madness is over(ish). 80 hour weeks, constant business trips, moving, drug running, blimp racing, backflip flipping, all in the past.

So it's about time for a news update. About long over-time, in fact.

There'll be a full, proper one later this week after our amazing Mount Hyjal Raid (Wed. 6:30 server time).

To tide ya'll over, I thought I'd Finally post about the awesome Fashion Show Katala ran last month.

I stole almost all of these pictures from Gnectar, who posted them on her Watchers MySpace page. So Thanks Gnectar!!

Who won what? I have no idea. Does it matter?

Thanks Katala for putting on another awesome event, and Gnectar for organizing and captioning all those screenshots.

See you all on Wednesday!

19 May 2008 by carwin

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