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It's always a hell of a party

Time to trash the planet!

Part troll, part ridiculous teddy bear, Nalorakk had the stuffing ripped out of him on Friday night by a group of marauding Watchers. He died on our second attempt.

Tonight we feast on fluff!

The winning crew

He dropped:
Jungle Stompers

Probably his worst item. In fact, probably one of the worst items in ZA as compared to it's Kara equivalent (which is maybe a side-grade or maybe superior). But oh well. He's dead!

The fight took 8 minutes that felt like 20. At one point both Redaxe and I used intervene to eat hits for Myrlas, and even still he only survived the silence with 10% hp. That's 90% of over 20,000 health plus easily 4k eaten by intervenes in approximately 4 seconds. So... 5,500 dps? Yikes.

I know the blustery gibbets on the forums like to crow about how oh-so-easy Nally is... but I've got to say: any boss that requires 4 healers AND a tank with >20k HP doesn't get written into Carwin's Guide to Easy Bosses of Warcraft.

Which is going on sale next month, btw. Go buy it!

It includes guides to finding and defeating all of WoW's easiest bosses, such as:

Kresh the turtle, who is surrounded by guards that look the other way whenever he's pulled.

Lord Vyletongue, who's only discernible ability is to blink away, shoot you once for less damage than his standard melee, then run back.

Mushgog, who is included only for his name.

And of course Venoxis.

I promise not to include any bosses that apply unavoidable 4k/second dots to the MT and then AE silence the healers. Repeatedly.

Click for larger image.

Killing Nally caused one of the torches around the altar in the center of the zone to light up. Neat!

Next we moved on to the Eagle temple. There's a pretty insane gauntlet you have to run through to reach the top, which was actually a lot of fun.

Basically a lookout spots your party and goes to alert his ludicrous chicken overlord. The chicken controls a flock of eagles or something, and sends them down after the raid. Meanwhile Amani Warriors start running up from behind. This will go on forever (as we figured out the first time) unless you battle your way up the ramps and gank a caster up there. Pretty fun stuff.

Notice the statue of an alarmed, roosting hen in the background

So we got our first look at the second boss of Zul'Aman: Akil'Zon the Chicken-man.

This fight doesn't actually seem that hard. I would even venture to say -- and understand we haven't killed this guy yet so I could be wrong -- but I would venture to say it seems easier than Nalorakk. There's more stuff to deal with here, but much less aggravating spike damage randomly killing tanks.

Next time we visit ZA we'll probably come here first.

He also does a few really cool looking attacks. Such as:

Click for a larger image.

However, now that bear-man has bitten the dust I think we can safely take a few weeks off of ZA and go back to farming Kara.

For the next two weeks we'll do Kara both Wed/Fri. Then right before Christmas steals everyone away we'll come back and give the Chicken King a second shot.

See you there!
01 Dec 2007 by carwin

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