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Hey now! Welcome to The Muddy Bar Tab, the new (and hopefully frequent) article updating everyone on all things Final Fantasy XI. Many things in Vana'diel are happening with the release of the new expansion pack Wings of the Goddess. This series of news entries will allow you to live vicariously through me and experience the whole reason why many of us played FFXI to begin with. Oh, and maybe I'll have some QUOTES!

WotG is less than a week old and it already holds a ton of promise. It takes place over 20 years ago during the Crystal War when the nations of Windurst, San d'Oria, and Bastok united their forces in an attempt to defeat the Orc, Yagudo, Quadav and Demon armies of the Shadowlord. How does it all end? I don't have a clue yet, but let's get started!

Rumor has been spreading across Vana'diel that these creepy mouth things called Cavernous Maws have begun to appear in various areas. There are nine altogether and nobody seems to know what they are for. However, since they arrived, many people have been reported missing. This sounds like a perfect opportunity for a Lv75 Elvaan Paladin with no experience buffer to please his curioisty.

That DOES look creepy!

Once I jumped inside the freaky mouth portal, I find myself in a place I've never seen before. I'd tell you more but I don't want to ruin the opening cutscene of WotG for those who don't have it yet. :)

After that, I try to find my way to Windurst. There's this huge comet that lights up the night sky with an odd blue tint. It's extremely close. I wonder if it has anything to do with why there's a whole rip in the Vana'diel space-time continuum? Oh well, on to Windurst!

I get to the gate to Port Windurst in West Sarutabaruta but it seems to be locked down. Looks like I need to find another way in.

I hope everyone inside is OK. I remember reading in my history books how Windurst took an immense pounding during the war.

I make my way around to the entrance to Windurst Waters. There's no gate! Don't worry little Tarutaru buddies, you're safe now with Lucent. >.>

The place is destroyed! I hardly recognize anything with all the fallen trees and craters from explosions. If it wasn't made of stone, then it no longer exists. It's amazing anybody is left alive. Next thing I know, a group of Tarutaru Chocoknights are heading my way. The leader is shouting something about those Maws I used to get here.

Just then a Tarutaru kid runs me over. Well, more like runs into me and gets clobbered while I barely noticed.

Did he just say his name was Ajido?? He's the minister of the Windurst Manustery in the future! Wow, he sure is full of himself. At least he lives up to it later in his life. Unless I do something that happens to him in this time. If I do, does he disappear like in Back to the Future!?

This is all way too much for my Elvaan brain to comprehend, I better go take a nap in a Mog House. I'll let you know what happens next!
25 Nov 2007 by lucent

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