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Nalorakk and Roll
Last Tuesday 2.3 went live, and with it came the place-you-go-after-Kara: Zul'Aman.

Click on the pic for a larger image.

On Wednesday we sent two (two!) raids into the zone. Their goal was to take a look at the trollsanity within and, if possible, come back with a few buckets full of epix. No such luck. This place is definitely a step up over homey ol' Karazahn.

Hell, my group couldn't even figure out how to ring the gong to get in. We had to reset the "encounter" like 3 times.

Chamber of the infamous gong-battle.

Both groups wiped countless times to the trash leading up to the first boss.

You see, there're two trolls riding two bears (respectively, they're not each straddling two bears of course) and they do tremendous spike damage and also roar a roar that makes you take extra damage and them deal extra damage simultaneously, and then the troll hops off the bear and the bear "crunches" your armor while the troll "stabs" your chest and they also have two other friends (total, not each) and those throw axes at your healers and one drops a totem that makes everyone invincible (the bad guys, that is) and also heals everyone (also bad-guy-only) and you only have 10 people and 3-4 are healers and 2 are tanks so it's not like you have infinite CC to deal with all this and yeah...

So my group just called it a night without even reaching the boss. The other miraculously powered through and got a few attempts in against Nalorakk, the Bear Avatar.

New at Build-a-bear Workshop: The Troll Teddy! (shoulder pad sold seperately)

They didn't kill him, but their learning fueled our return trip on Friday.

On Friday we downed the trash with relative ease (two mages ftw!) and put a solid 8ish attempts in against Nally himself. Unfortunately we kept falling victim to spike-damage-itis. And just when we were finally starting to get a feel for the fight we were slapped with respawns. Oh well.

So for now our record is: Nalorakk to 32%.

But we'll do better!

Maybe we could just hang back and pelt him with rocks...

For the next few weeks, the schedule will be:

Karazhan on Wednesdays ~ 6:30 pull time.
Zul'Aman on Fridays ~ 7:00 pull time.

We'll go with that for a little bit and see how it feels. Saturday-evening Karas may also be making a come back, but we'll play that week-by-week. So watch them thar forums!

The Troll Teddy revolution begins! O' Build-a-bear, what hast thou wrought?

And since I probably won't be speaking with any of you before Thanksgiving:

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Enjoy your turkey or tofurkey or turducken or whatever.

Jokes about "visiting your mummy for the holidays" are beneath me, so I won't make them. I'll THINK them, evidently, but I sure as hell won't type it. No sir.
18 Nov 2007 by carwin

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