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Hiking. The Mall. Gwar.
The answer: Put them together and you get a stupid dead ogre!

What? You were expecting something clever? Come onnnnnn.

Whoa, whoa... stay on the top side guys. Looks like Maullie here went commando this morning.

Let the record show that on Wednesday Sept. 5th, 25 watchers came together at 7:00 server time and slew one High King Maulgar on their second attempt.

Furthermore, that raid continued on to Gruul the Dragonkiller and brought him to 67% on their first real attempt.

Let it be stricken from the record that on the actual first attempt against Gruul, 1/3rd of the raid was separated from the boss behind a giant wooden gate.

Raised on the mean streets by Cidmafous and a soccer ball, little Gruul grew up to be a total mess.

Watchers making actual raid progression? We all knew it would happen some day. All we needed were caps we could reach without recruiting every dingus and ravioli on the server.

Next Wednesday (the 12th) you're all invited back! Info here.

And if you want to have a say regarding how our raid schedule changes (or doesn't) in light of having 25-man-options, vote here.


Pauldrons of the Fallen Defender (T4 token) ~ Oshara
Pauldrons of the Fallen Hero (T4 token) ~ Raist
Brute Cloak of the Ogre Magi ~ Tweakey

A few random pics to fill out an otherwise sparse news posting:

The full raid! A Watchers record?

Wait, this isn't the parking lot! Where are we??

As you can see, I hardly got a single the entire fight. Slacker healers.

The gate that pwned us.

Giant floppy dead ogre mouth = perfect environment for morrowgrain!

Ony's thinking of a number 1-100...

Grats lil' Deltank on Quel'Serrar!
07 Sep 2007 by carwin

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