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Killing so many bosses in a single weekend sort of messes up the nice, linear pacing of this news page. In case you missed it: we just killed Prince Malchezaar on Friday night. Since he's technically the final boss of Karazhan, his death warranted a funny and elaborate retrospective post, which I expected to occupy the top spot for several weeks. No such luck!

Give it a read though; you can find it Here.

However I admit that I did leave one significant point out of that story: While technically an optional boss, Nightbane is considered by many guilds to be the true final boss of Karazhan, not Prince. Right or wrong, it doesn't even matter anymore, because we just up and killed them both!

Thanks to Katala's initiative in setting up a Saturday "clean up" run, we raided up at 2:30 yesterday and headed back into Kara. The goal: Kill Netherspite. It proved unexpectedly easy, and the ghostie dragon died on our second attempt.

So here we are, all dressed up and nowhere to go. Nightbane is the obvious next (and last) target, but nobody had bothered to complete the quest to summon him yet. Determined to see this through, we split up for an hour while a group ran through heroic Shattered Halls to finish up their quests.

Triumphant, they returned, and at around 5:30 we summoned Nightbane on the Master's Terrace for the first time.

First comment: He is one cool looking bastage.

Second comment: He is indeed harder than Prince. Execution-wise it's nothing we haven't done before, but the combination of hard and fast damage on random raid members and a tremendously long fight time (~12 minutes) means it's very taxing on healers and mana pools.

It was our sixth or seventh try and it didn't really seem like we could get him dead. We were close, but our record for the night stood around 46% -- not really a "he's dying any minute" sort of number. We had the fight mostly figured out, but it didn't seem we had the endurance to push through those few phases.

And then we just kind of did it. Everything went perfectly, and Nightbane went down with only one death. EZPZ.

Click on the image for a larger version

Karazhan is now 100% complete! For the teary-eyed retrospective, check out the Prince post. For now I'll just leave it at: Bring on Gruul!


Pantaloons of Repentance ~ Katala
Mithril Band of the Unscarred ~ Dracoz

Nightstaff of the Everliving ~ Katala
Talisman of Nightbane ~ Tweakey

02 Sep 2007 by carwin

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