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Prince Malchezaar Killed!
In the early hours of September 1st (no matter which coast you're on) ten bleary-eyed but determined Watchers ganked the naughty prince of Karazhan for the first time ever.

Click on the image for a larger version.

Oh, and Illhoof too.

But don't take my word for it, I didn't even show up until the very end. Let's get the full story from the people who were there.

VH1 presents:
Remembering Prince.

Fleck: Oh yeah, I remember that like it was yesterday.

Ladros: Yeah I remember prince... I remember riffling through his cold dead pockets!

Tweakey: Boosh!

Fleck: I was leading, because Carwin was too busy or something.

Deline: Carwin was too high to play.

Fleck: There were a lot of rumors about drug use and irresponsibilty flying around, but I think he was just sleepy. Some people, you know... they like to tell stories.

Deline: Carwin was away trafficking in black market alpacas.

Finial: "Pleasure" alpacas.

Raist: He told us to listen to Fleck, and to Deline, and to each other. It was beautiful. Then he just kind of wandered off. It was like a moment out of the Bible, sort of.

Fleck: The leadership hierarchy Carwin set up before he left was rather, uh, unclear. Luckily it didn't matter because we're all friends.

Oshara: Dracoz and I made sure those boys played nice.

Deline: I would have eaten Fleck like five times if Dracoz hadn't kept healing him. Goodie goodie pallies.

Fleck: Shade of Aran was the first guy we killed that night. I, uh, I do get immunity for saying all of this on camera, right?

Ladros: Right... between... the eyes.

Jellyroll: I just started coming around a few weeks ago. I didn't realize they were, like, gonna kill someone.

Finial: Yeah we gutted Aran pretty good. One-shotted him.

Mija: Fin was playing in his entrails afterwards. It was hilarious.

Jellyroll: I threw up. Twice. But they offered me epix and then I started to feel better.

Raist: More like Shade of STARIN... at the floor!

Tweakey: Boosh!

Fleck: Carwin had wandered back at this point, but was hanging out at Ogri'la for some reason.

Deline: Drugs.

Finial: Lovin.

Fleck: But he kept sending me tells. Like, you should do this so many times and then do that. Or that I should learn to krump. It wasn't that useful, but you know, he means well.

Oshara: I think he was just excited for us.

Mija: We got Illhoof on the second try.

Jellyroll: He's a satyr, so I felt less bad about the killing. I don't think playing with his brains afterwards was really needed, but I dunnno. Maybe it's part of the encounter?

Finial: I wore his brain like a HAT.

Mija We told Jelly it was part of the fight. Hee hee! He's so cute.

Raist: More like Terestian IllSMOOSHED!

Tweakey Boosh?

Fleck: So we got past Chess board after the usual seven or eight wipes, and then Mija DCed. Permanently.

Mija: I fell asleep in my daughter's room.

Oshara: Awwww.

Mija: I felt bad in the morning, but you know... childhood memories and all that.

Deline: Can I?

Finial: No.

Oshara: /bonk

Fleck: We were going to call it, and then Carwin just logs right back in! It's almost 1:00 am and out of nowhere, poof, there he is.

Raist: Just... like... the Bible.

Dracoz: I can just see him sitting in bed saying: "they're killing Prince and I'm missing it. They're killing prince and I'm missing it." Totally freaking out.

Carwin: I was totally freaking out.

Fleck: So we summoned him up. He was very stern with us, I'm not sure why.

Carwin: I was groggy and mistrustful. I thought they were molemen.

Deline: *meaningful look* ...drugs.

Dracoz: So we got Prince to 1% on the first try.

Carwin: I was like, oh snap, these moles can fight!

Ladros: 1%!

Finial: So obviously we had to try again.

Carwin: Try #2 went badly... in that we "only" got to 25%.

Fleck: And then, wait for it: Respawns!!! Everything past Aran started repopping.

Raist: Time for bed guys...

Carwin: Hell no.

Raist: what Carwin said. But we stayed up anyway.

Carwin: Moles are nocturnal, I guess.

Fleck: So we recleared, and BAM!! Prince dead as a door mouse.

Dracoz: It was almost a perfect. Jelly was killed by the axes at the very last second, but that was the only death.

Jellyroll: These crazy flying axes just came over and chopped my arms off! I was like... this sucks.

Dracoz: His spell casting days are over.

Tweakey: It was a stunning display of raid coordin... oh wait, I mean: Boosh. :(

Carwin: It was so close to a perfect that Jelly's Spirit of Redemption was still up when Prince died, meaning on the raid window he still had a full health bar. So you could argue...

Finial: I explored Prince's nostrils with my daggers.

Deline: It rocked.

Finial: And Oshara made Morrowgrain on his dead body. You can even see her doing it in the group screenshot!

Oshara: More like Prince MULCHezaar!

Tweakey: Boosh!!!

Ladros: And I got the bow I always wanted.

Oshara: And I got an uber healie cloak.

Dracoz: And I got my T4 helm!

Carwin: And Karazhan was won on the first day of September; just in time for our first serious raid on Gruul's Lair. How sweet is that?

Mija: Pretty sweet.

Jellyroll: I'm going to learn to cast spells with my ears. I guess.

Carwin: Ha ha! Seriously, you've got 5 days to work that out or your out of the guild.

Jellyroll: :(

Everyone: Ha ha ha...

Freeze Frame, Fade Out

Seriously guys, kick ass night. Aran down first attempt. Illhoof killed second attempt for the first time ever. Prince downed third attempt (1% on first try!). Phat lewts and great fun for all. There're still two optional bosses left standing (Netherspite and Nightbane), but they won't last for long. And for the record: Jellyroll kicked ass the whole night, and his arms eventually grew back.

Our first Karazhan raid was Wednesday April 4th. Five months later, almost exactly, we downed the final boss. That may not be record breaking speed, but remember: We brought 30 people through this zone, not 10.

We didn't make some elitist A-team and tell the rest of the guild to 'eff off. We didn't give officers first pick on all loot, or deny people rolls. We didn't make folks wait out front so we could switch members in and out between bosses.

None of that crap. We're good kids. We took turns. We put friends before progress, and made sure everyone felt they had a fair shake at both seeing content and winning epics. I want to thank all of you for sticking through it even when it seemed frustrating or unfair: we couldn't have done it without you all.

And now we're READY for Gruul's Lair. This Wednesday (the 5th) we're blasting in there with a full raid and smashing High King Maulgar into the ground. Just you wait and see. There will be no benching, nobody made to relinquish a spot or sit out, just new content, fun with the guild, and hopefully phat epix! Be there!


Saberclaw Talisman ~ Ladros

Cord of Nature's Sustenance ~ Oshara
Breastplate of the Lightbinder ~ Dracoz

King's Defender ~ Fleck

Stainless Cloak of the Pure Hearted ~ Oshara
Sunfury Bow of the Phoenix ~ Ladros (woot!)
Helm of the Fallen Champion (T4 token) ~ Dracoz

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