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Sunny Days and Postcard Nights
It's been too long since I posted some news!

To get started, something terrifying and incredible happened in the Watchers community last week. It was so awe inspiring I completely forgot to mention it in the original version of this post, even though it was my the initial reason FOR posting in the first place. I blame Croy. And posting at 1am. But mostly Croy.

After 212 days, 15 hours, 37 minutes and 8 seconds /played Lucent brought his Paladin to level 75 in FFXI.

That's 5,103 hours. To illustrate what an insane undertaking that is, consider:

- You could watch the entire South Park series, from start to finish, 63 times.
- You could fly from NYC to Spain, and back, about 190 times.
- You could watch Transformers 2,041 times, including popcorn and bathroom breaks between showings.
- You could drive from my apartment to the Aquarium 15,309 times, assuming you teleported back after you got there.
- You could have tried to learn how to teleport, but failed.

In short: You could have totally wasted that time. But instead of sitting around rewatching SP reruns all day like you lazy slobs, Lucent helped countless people finish countless quests, farm countless items and complete countless missions. Somewhere off to the side, he XPed, too.

Congratulations Lucent! There is no doubt the FFXI community at-large, within and without Watchers, is better for having you there. Now, in the immortal words of TupTup: "Clean your house."

Is this the line for lewts?

Summer is back, and it's impacting WoWlife just like it always does. Numbers are down, and people are more inclined to log in just to putz around for an hour and less inclined to get all hardcore and run two back-to-back heroics. No worries. It happens every year. In 2-3 months things'll go right back to normal.

We haven't killed anything new in Kara in about a month, but that doesn't mean we haven't been killing! One-shots at all stages of the zone (Moroes to Curator) are becoming more and more frequent. Aran has died two more times, and just last night we got our first solid learning session in against Netherspite.

Does anyone know how to calibrate this thing? I want to set it to look through Jaina's window, but all I ever seem to get is a giant, burning eye.

Our best shot saw Netherspite at 60%. He's one of those bosses that does a lot of self-healing if something goes wrong, so it's a little hard to tell exactly what that number represents. But it's better than the previous 98% no matter how you cut it!

It's an ultra-crazy fight. It seems rather impossible at the moment, just like Curator did at the very beginning, but I'm sure once we get him all worked out it'll become clockwork. Unfortunately, he is very, very execution intensive. Everyone really has to firmly grasp the concept and move in precise coordination... so I expect brutal learning curves for new comers every week for quite a long while. Bummer.

Turn out for Kara was higher than expected last week...

Beyond that, we've just been Watchersing along: Instancing and chatting and PvPing. Thursday PvP and Arena night has really taken off!

I made a post regarding my thoughts about the long-term future of Watchers raiding here.

I also posted regarding Cimo and I vanishing for 3 weeks to relocate to the East coast, and what that means for Wednesday Raids, here. I'll give you a preview: It doesn't mean much; keep logging in by 6:30!

I'll post again as soon as there's news to report! Or maybe even if there's not. My parents, whom we'll be staying with briefly during the move, have both an internet connection AND MS Paint, so... watch out.

Until next time everyone!

Dorant, evidently, was on Ony's side.
08 Jul 2007 by carwin

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