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Tormented No More!
Just a lil' bit of news this time:

Shade of Aran down!

This is one intense fight. Getting to 30% isn't too bad. Getting to 0% is... yikes.

Let me set the stage: We've been fighting Aran for a little over an hour. It's been something like:


We're now on our last attempt of the night. Respawns are ~10 minutes away, and the clear to Aran is serious business. We're all set up with an SS for wipe recovery - which is not a sure thing in Aran's room - but even if we manage to get everyone back up, we'll be moving up to the Chess Event and then calling it a night. This is it for Aran.

The fight is as chaotic as ever, but things seem to be "working." The right nukes are getting stopped, the right heals are going off. We survive the elemental spawns and the AE pyroblast with at least 7 people standing - by far our record for the night. Now it's just a race.

Half of the raid is dead by the time Aran hits 10%, and only melee DPS is really still rolling. Dracoz makes a judgement call and blows his soulstone. No wipe recovery now, but at least we've got healing.

It looks good. Aran hits 2%... 1%... and just hangs. He starts casting Arcane Explosion, Kara style: a 10 second insta-gib AE that wipes everyone not hugging a wall. The melee should run out, but they stay. Nobody thinks we can survive another transition.

8... 7... 6... 5 seconds until a complete wipe. Our final wipe. Every last DPS will die in the nuke.

At 4 seconds to go... Shade of Aran dies.

Every single spell that hit him. Every crit. Every ounce of DPS pulled out of elixirs, enchants, buffs, and every tiny little insignificant bit of damage he took during the fight was vital. Literally 2 extra misses or resists at ANY point during the entire fight would most likely have spelled a 1% wipe. Madness.

1% drop rate formula ftw!

Truly intense. Congratulations everyone, we pulled it out by the skin of our teeth (whatever that means). It was a fantastic run and tremendous fun.

To everyone in Watchers:

If you need to speak with Wravien for your Karazhan Quest line, the library should be fully despawned by the time you read this. Take 10 minutes and run in there and chat it up - free quest credit for all! Plus you get to check out the super cool library area safe and solo. Offer expires Tuesday, June 12th. Not valid in NZ, where it is already next Moonsday and therefore Karazhan no longer exists.

Dracoz and "the twins" are about to learn how very seriously Moonkins feel about monogamy.


Stalker's War Bands ~ Dracoz
Handwraps of Flowing Thought ~ Memnon

Signet of Unshakable Faith ~ Deline
Nethershard Girdle ~ Tweakey (?)

Beastmaw Pauldrons ~ Branwenn
Red Riding Hood's Cloak ~ Dracoz

Grips of Deftness ~ Finial

Pauldrons of the Solace Giver ~ Katala
Gloves of the Fallen Champion ~ Dracoz

Boots of the Incorrupt ~ Katala
Tirisfal Wand of Ascendancy ~ Mija
Formula: Enchant Weapon - Sunfire ~ Finial

King's Defender ~ Jorren (woot!)
Headdress of the High Potentate ~ Motarro

Soooo many epics. Come back next week for more!
09 Jun 2007 by carwin

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