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Before I get into the Karazhan demolition that was this week, a few non-raid congrats are in order:

Congratulations Cimorene on being among the first druids on the server with her Epic Flight Form.

Congratulations Dracoz on being among the first players on the server with a Raven Lord Mount.

Congratulations Talash on being among the first players on the server with a netherdrake.

Wow, that's one giant, sickly Netherdrake you've got there Tally!

Ok, so anyway:

A few weeks have passed since our first attempts at Curator, and our Karazhan fortunes have been up and down (which is really always the case with raiding). There are weeks when everything mysteriously seems to go wrong, and then there are weeks like this one.

I sat out on Wednesday night so I can't provide any screenshots, but Maybe some kind soul will post some. Until then you'll just have to stretch your WoW-withered imagination.

The Wednesday crew stomped Moroes, one-shotting him AND getting a perfect kill. I even forced them to heal through the left over garrotes for 5 annoying minutes since the debuff apparently doesn't wipe anymore after Moroes dies. If anyone dies to a boss' DoT, even after he's dead, that ain't perfect imo. But this was. They nailed it.

Next up was the Wizard of Oz event in the Opera House.

Haha! Aren't they funny? ...They're all dead now.

We've never really attempted Oz before. Every time we got it we either had a ludicrously inappropriate party (ie: no mages or warlocks), or it was 1:00 am. But this time Croy was determined to give it a serious shot. With a tip of his hat and a jig of his jigs, he lead the Watchers to our first-ever Crone kill!

Right then I knew Curator was going down on Friday. I said as much in /guild.

"Curator dead Friday."

That's what I said.


And it was srsly srs. Cause...

It wasn't even hard. We just walked up and destroyed him second try, perfect kill. I'm not really sure what clicked. Sure, we had a good party for it. Two Warlocks is golden. But that wasn't all of it. Last time we weren't even close. 60% was the best we could manage. This time we dropped him almost effortlessly - we could have gone on for another 20%.

Whatever is was, it rocked. Watchers is now a Tier 4 sportin' guild, and the honor of the first piece went to Motarro, our one-and-only Shaman!

Congratulations Nooly!

More to come!

After Curator, a whole new world of Karazhan goodness opens up. The library section is full of neat little things, like...

Requires 2,600 Defense for crit immunity. Get farming.

As well as the most deliberately obnoxious trash pulls in the game. Mana-wyrm packs (aka: "new spiders") that mana drain, aggro completely at random, and are immune to all magic. Wheee!!

Nothing beats zerging back and forth along a hallway with all your casters trying to clonk hordes of wiggly wyrm creatures with their 280 Staff Skill.

It's a damn cool looking place, though:

Rumors of it becoming very non-linear are accurate: there's tons of space, a somewhat distressing amount of trash, and boss after optional boss.

We had heard the Chess Event was basically "free loot," so we explored until we reached it.

Free loot without a doubt! We had no clue whatsoever what was going on, and still won first try. Half the raid wasn't even participating because the controls are so completely counter-intuitive. However once you figure out the deal, it's a damn cool event. Bran likes Orc Wolf the best. Just thought you'd like to know.

Next we ran up to Shade of Aran - a boss who gets top billing on the forums as Hell incarnate. We dropped him to 30% exactly on our third attempt, then called it a night. He dies soon.


Bracers of the White Stag ~ Cimorene
Handwraps of Flowing Thought ~ Bewmbewm

Brooch of Unquenchable Fury ~ ???

Wicked Witch's Hat ~ Bewmbewm
Trial-Fire Trousers ~ Deline

Gloves of the Fallen Champion (T4 Token) ~ Motarro
Wrynn Dynasty Greaves ~ Carwin

Heart-Flame Leggings ~ Motarro
Battlescar Boots ~ Carwin

Gotta love the "even" loot distribution there!

Well, ok, you don't have to. But I do!!

We're seriously in the fray now folks. With Curator dead, and not by the seat of our pants either, the rest of Kara is truly our playground. It's only a matter of time until we're literally rolling in epics. Like, we'll be on the floor in a pile of epics just rolling around and cooing like a pigeon. At this rate, we'll be bored again in no time!
02 Jun 2007 by carwin

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