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Romulo, oh Romulo

Kara progress continues to zoom along!

Up to this point we have used zero outside strats on any fight. Figuring them out 100% for ourselves has made the entire instance so much more rewarding... even if it means we've been staying up until after 1:00am every Friday.

Fore soothe! Murder most foul! And two scoundrels present to account for it. Me'thinks it be Jorren's fault by default.

Tonight we downed Maiden of Virtue again, then moved straight on to the Opera House.

I will stick to my promise not to give any spoilers about the fantastically awesome Opera House event, and simply say: we won. It took at least seven attempts to work out a plan and then execute it, including one wipe at 2%, but in the end we nailed it perfectly.

Take a bow!
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This was about the same level of difficulty as Moroes, which is to say: really hard. Seriously stressful stuff. Winning it causes a door to open to the higher levels of the tower, which lead to a good 30 minutes of excited exploring and leaping about.

Until we came to the hallway containing the next boss: The Curator.

A moan went up on Vent when we realized he was guarded by a half-dozen Mana-wyrm trash pulls - the only mob in the game that can compete with spiders for annoyification.

So we called it a night. But there's no lack of motivation for the future: this boss drops the first pieces of Tier 4!

At this point about half of the raid hearthed, while the rest decided to explore a little on their own, seeing as how the lower half of the instance was safely cleared anyway. Dracoz had other plans. Curious as to what the Curator might do if pulled, he threw on his invincibubble and charged in!

Two things were learned:
1) The Curator can "smash" right on through bubbles and "hit me for like 15,000 damage."
2) The Curator, once aggroed, will send swarms of elementals down throughout the entire tower to kill anyone cowering in some distant corner.

Apparently elementals materialized down near the entrance and murdered Deline and Redaxe, who were "right by the door, man!" or maybe "right by the doorman!" ... it was a little hard to tell. Then they hunted down Nooly up in the Opera House, and almost found Fin who managed to poof into the shadows.

Good stuff.


Congrats go to:

Bands of Nefarious Deeds - Tweakey
Iron Gauntlets of the Maiden - Fleck

Trial-Fire Trousers - Tweakey (mad epix!)
Romulo's Poison Vial - Finial

Boots of Elusion - Carwin (woot!)

Onward and upward! See you all on these pages once again next week, with a little luck.
28 Apr 2007 by carwin

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