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Maid en Karazhan

Last week I talked a little about a certain "maiden" of questionable morals hanging out in a hallway full of ladies of ill repute. As you may recall, we had wiped once to this so-called Maiden of Virtue just to get a feel for the fight, then called it a night.

This week we went back on Wednesday and... didn't get to her. Moroes kind of hung us up again. So we came back yesterday (Friday) for an unplanned, impromptu all-night Kara-fest that was a) a total blast and b) a total success.

We got Moroes down after a few tries (ok, five) with one gloriously uber attempt that made me wonder why we ever have trouble. Sometimes everything just comes together perfectly.

We wanted to go straight up to the ho'down afterwards, but Nooly blocked the way:

"No touching the ladies. No shouting at the ladies. Ten dollars a head."

You don't eff around in a club that has Batman for a bouncer.

Well, you might not, but we did. We paid our way in and went to work totally ignoring his directions: slaying zombie courtesans and bustiers and whatever other descriptors you can think of without saying that naughty w-h-o-r-3 word.

Long story short, after three attempts and some awesome strategy discussions:


Even though it was almost midnight, we didn't stop. We cleared up and down and around the corner and finally came to the much-discussed Opera House.

The much-discussion is well deserved: this place is awesomely cool. The environment is beautiful and whole thing leads into an incredibly intense, exciting and nerve-wracking boss battle that I won't spoil for anyone, ever.

We died a few times learning (and messing around) before finally calling it sleepy time.


Congratulations to:

Ravagers Cuffs of the Owl - Katala

Boots of Valiance - Dracoz
Brooch of Unquenchable Fury - Cimorene

Totem of Healing Rains - Motarro
Boots of Foretelling - Talash

Notice that the game tried to screw us with the standard 100% drop rate shaman totem nonsense, but this time we were prepared: we actually had a shaman! Huzzah!

Amazing run everyone, that was the most fun I've had playing WoW since I can't remember when. Maybe ever. See you all next Wednesday when we shoot for that dreamed-of one-shot Moroes kill!

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21 Apr 2007 by carwin

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