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Taerarable Times
Before I get started: Lucent hit 74 over in FFXI. That means you all have about 2 weeks to make piece with God, Old Man River, Houdini, or whomever you personally believe will appear at The End to carry you to the candy cane star. There are no fewer than thirteen prophecies prophecizing the prophebility that Lucent finally hitting 75 == global kaput. You've been warned!

Gelfling! Geeeeelfling!

This update wound up with something of an Arrakoa theme. Those are the bird things that look like hippy Skeksis. They have totally amazing models and animations that could hardly look any better if they were pre-rendered. Anyway: they want to drink your life essence so keep away.

We've all been running instances and wrapping up quests on pretty much a daily basis. The number of people left in the guild under level 60 can be counted on one hand - which is both good and bad, really. The next wave of 70s is coming up fast, and I expect another half-dozen people to ding in the next week or two.

The result has been a lot of cool, fun stuff that can only be shared by 5 people at a time. I have mixed feelings about that. On one hand, I do love small group content. On the other, it's sad not having a zone like ZG to zerg around in with the whole crew once in a while.

Male kept rolling down that hill and then running back up, clapping and squeeling. He just couldn't get enough!

To fill that void we've been trying to keep Wednesday Raids alive, accepting that there's nothing of true value we can do quite yet. This week we decided to "kill all of the Green Dragons" - which you can find in the dictionary under "biting off more than you can chew."

We rolled into Duskwood and faced down Taerar - the name that no pun could tame - for what I hoped would be the first of several kills that night.

Good thing I got that photography degree, or this might have been a crappy screenshot!

Well, it turns out that Taerar is the hardest of the Green Dragons (a fact that was pointed out to me in advance, but I laughed off). The fight is incredibly chaotic: he sleeps, fears, and poisons just to start with. Once your tanks are all sleep-jogging off into the distance, their veins running green acid, the dragon splits into three "shades" to kill everyone who hasn't already booked.

Unlike many old-world fights this one is really more about numbers (or lacking numbers, luck) than it is levels. We didn't wipe because we lacked DPS or health; we wiped because when you have 3 tanks to deal with 3 dragon shades, and 2 of them are sleeping in the soft, soft grass and the third is retching on his shoes, the healers had better start climbing trees 'cause there're some toothedy beasts headed their way. It would be a more manageable with 6+ tanks, or as Croy pointed out: "this would be easier with 40 level 60s than 20 level 70s!"

We wiped 4 times, getting Taerer to 25% twice but being unable to deal with the third and final wave of shadelings. Nevertheless, it was great fun and a great challenge, and it was a blast spending time with a full Watchers raid force again.

Next Wednesday's target is still undecided, but do log in! I can't promise epix, but I can promise:
a) Fun
b) A chance to see content you didn't see at 60
Disclaimer: "seeing" and "defeating" content are two separate things altogether.

Anyway, a few 5-man highlights from the last week or two:

Cimorene, Tweakey, Actaeon and myself 4-manned Sethekk Halls - and Tweak and Act aren't even 70 yet! That left us feeling pretty uber.

More like Talon King IKiss-the-Floor-on-a-regular-basis, amirite?

In Tempest Keep I set sail on the seas of cheese in my dubious turd-ship:

Or maybe it's a rare breed of shark that lives in discarded cigar butts?

Roll-h4xxing has reached such an insane degree that loot distribution has become unmanageable. At this point I just give gear to whomever I deem the best tap-dancer.

Karazhan keying is coming along nicely. We have somewhere in the vicinity of 9 people keyed now (out of 10 needed). My goal is to send the first exploratory crew into Kara the first week of April. Fingers crossed!

Oh, and a belated "Congrats!" to Bodiceripper on hitting 70 and getting her gryphon.

I'm sure there's more, but that's all I've got for now. See ya'll next time... assuming Luce hasn't dinged before then, that is.

Pigpig the Wind Lord makes a rare appearance!
His message: "cast renew, nub!" ... such wisdom.
23 Mar 2007 by carwin

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