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Watchers Wins WoW

Not to toot my own horn (*toot!*), but the Watchers - aka: < 20s enough kthx > - is a pretty tough chute filled with pretty rad sprouts. We're Bitter Ponies, if you catch my drift. Entirely without geometry. Asses that redefine bad. You can quote me on that.

On Wednesday, January 10th the Watchers - aka: < 40s a crowd > - went into Molten Core for our final BBC (before BC) Raid. This was only our second time in the zone as a guild.

- With 16 people we cleared to Gehennas, battling hilarious UI bugs along the way.
- With 19 we pulled Gehennas.
- After just under 7 minutes of fighting, he died.

Click for a larger Kill Shot
Request: If anyone has a shot with PC names hidden, please lemme know

Just to impress upon you, dear reader, the sheer amazinishness of this kill, here is an overview of the basic gear-levels of the raid members:

1 warrior in all the best ZG epics.

1 warrior with 3/8 might and ZG epics.
1 warrior with lotsa might whom we made DPS anyway cause of his GM claymore.

1 priest in blues and ZG epics.
1 pally in mostly blues.
3 druids in ZG and MC epics. (some switching on/off DPS)
1 unspecced (!!!) druid in blues.

1 warrior in mostly DPS blues.
1 paladin in ZG blues and epics.
2 mages in ZG blues and epics.
2 rogues in mostly ZG and D2 epics.
1 warlock in mostly MC/ZG epics
2 hunters in full GS.
1 hunter in mostly blues.

Reading that list should make one thing obvious: Every single person in this raid must have been playing at the very top of their ability to win this fight. This was not a group of T3-sporting, C'thun killing juggernauts - these are non-raiders in predominantly sub-Tier-1 gear who play for fun.

Congratulations to everyone: every last one of you truly kicked ass. This was a wonderful way to cap our final days at 60. A special Zerol-inspired"word up!" to our amazing healers. You guys were off the healahook last night.

Ready for the punchline?

Waah waah waaaaaah!

Any shaman in the house? At least it sharded into two (2) Nexus Crystals. sad

Grats Zephyrus on the dagger!

Before porting to IF we killed one last Core Hound just for kicks, and low and behold:

As luck would have it: this was the final piece of Giantstalker Branwenn needed to complete her 8/8! So that made up for the bum gloves. Grats Bran!

Even the GMs got wind of our achievement. They appeared before us as great floating nautlili (like octosnails, only purple) and bestowed 5,000g to us each in reverence of our skills. Here's the incredible screenshot:

It's glorious!


... Ok so maybe that one last part was a lie. But that's not to say that we don't have teh GM hookups:

Great fun, Watchers - aka. < who needs groups 5-8 > - Next time you hear from me I'll be posting screens of Outlands! Until then!
11 Jan 2007 by carwin

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