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The Holidays are here again!
I think I speak for most everyone when I say it's been a gloomy Holiday season this year. But there's a lot to be thankful for too! There are presents under the tree, BC is right around the corner, and I saw a puppy this morning!

At this time last year, I posted the following on the front page:
"13 out of 15 people were Watchers, which made it the largest percentage of guildies ever in an UBRS run!"

At this time last year, Lucent tried WoW on a 15-day free trial account but Sandman kicked him out of the guild.

At this time last year, Tom still played Tom, had a bear named Ubu, and had only been level 60 for two months.

At this time last year, Croy didn't even have a warrior, Whind was in his 50s, and I constantly fought Mave for tank loot.

Mave usually won... because at this time last year Carwin was still wearing valor helm and shoulders as his primary gear.

At this time last year Niknak was only known as Huxby, and we barely knew who he was.

At this time last year, we had never met Lutel, Beliala, Aiwass, Gnectar or Dracoz, among many others.

At this time last year, the idea of us killing Hakkar was not just implausible, it was laughable.

At this time last year, not a single Watcher, to my knowledge, had a single MC piece, except for Horun and his Striker's Mark. DoY had not yet even downed Sulfuron.

At this time last year, I predicted the Emerald Dream would be added after Ahn'Qiraj, which itself was still several months away.

At this time last year, we thought BC was coming out "in the fall" and speculated it would have "about 6 zones and 4 dungeons."

At this time last year, I had never been surprised by a pickle.

Looks like Jawas moved into Ironforge.

Have a safe and happy Holiday Season, friends!

The next year will bring more changes, more nerfs, more buffs, more levels, more grinds, more loots, more raids, more drama, more friendship, more jokes and more whines. More death and more life.

I can hardly wait. <3
23 Dec 2006 by carwin

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