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Member of the Month: Cail
Greetings, Watchers! It's time once again to present this year's Member of the Week! (Ha ha) Seriously folks, it is truly my pleasure to bring you this weeks most outstanding Watcher, Caillech! I sat down with Cail and had a wonderful chat. It went a little something like this:

Nooly: When did you first become a Watcher? Who invited you?

Cail: This is an odd one. When I first started playing, it was in FFXI and I didn't guild it for months. I did some research on the web to find a guild that sounded good. I chose Cairdeas for their coolness. After a few months the dreaded WoW was looming in the horizon and they decided to mind meld with another guild. I believe it was the officers of Cairdeas that chose Watchers for us. I think I'm the sole Cairdeas member left in Watchers from that coupling.

Nooly: Lucky for Watchers! And we'll forgive you for choosing another guild initially. So, how did you become involved in online gaming?

Cail: A friend of mine had Earth and Beyond on his computer about 3 years ago and he said "Here.. try this game it's really neat" and I was hooked. E&B is still my favourite. Fond memories and all. Damned EA cancelled it, so I was forced to find a new game and I just chose ffxi for.. reasons I can't remember. The box looked neat?

Nooly: I'm guilty of that as well. I used to pick up music CDs never having listened to them, just because there were half naked women on the cov... Anyway, what are your favorite games to play online?

Cail: So far, Wow wins it for time spent, and I still dabble in Eve and recently I've been trying NWN2 online; however I really live for those little home-made flash games people sometimes post in the Juice House. It's the little things...

Nooly: Just between you and me, never mention "little things" around a Taru, it's a touchy subject. Is there any history or meaning behind the names you choose for your characters?

Cail: There's a reason behind each of my characters names, except for Bodiceripper. That one was a purely id choice.Caillech is the Irish goddess of disease and pestilance and is really pronounced Colly yock. I chose it for my warrior in FFXI. At the time I guess I was just looking for a name that wasn't all roses and puppies.

Zeus comes charging in and sits at Cail's feet.

Nooly: Sorry about that, he must have heard you say "Colly" and thought you had a date for him. Just don't make eye contact, and maybe lift you legs so he cant reach them... Do you have any hobbies or interests that you would like to share with the rest of Watchers?

Cail: My big interest is my family and working with them. We run a family business and it's rare that I don't look forward to going to work. We have a great team and I'm really proud of all the excellent things we accomplish together. Of course gaming is a huge hobby but not to be outdone by the new man in my life. I met Trevor in a mall and our eyes met. I took him home and he spent the night. Of course he kept me up alll night with his antics. (I told my mother this story and her eyes got really big until I spilled the beans) Now he's a boisterous 6 month old and is really really stinky, loves his scratching post and will eat any food I give him. Good ol Trevor. ^^

Nooly: That's wonderful! Not many people are fortunate enough to have a job that they really enjoy. One thing though: I've seen your picture posted on the forums, and I must say I think you can do better than a boyfriend who is stinky and uses a scratching post... I mean, what kind of man..

Zeus: Woof! Woof!

Nooly: What? Trevor is a cat? Um, yeah... I knew that... So, uh... Anyway, what do you hope to achieve in each of the games you play?

Cail: I don't have any goals that I can think of. I just sort of wing it each time I log on, the exception being the planned raids.

Nooly: I hear that! Sometimes it is more enjoyable to just log in and do whatever. Less pressure that way. So, we have come to the last question for today: What does being a Watcher mean to you?

Cail: Being a Watcher means alot to me. I really enjoy the comraderie we have as a guild. I can always count on a raid or a good guild chat to make me giggle ridiculously for hours... I mean really, how can I not love a guild that celebrates their boss kills in a pot.

Nooly: Is that what everyone was doing in that pot? I wonder how many people jumped in after I used it...

Zeus lowers his head.

Nooly: Well, thank you, Cail, for sharing your time with all of us! We look forward to seeing you again in game!

And so ends this week's Member of the Week. Keep checking back for more updates!
10 Dec 2006 by raiiden

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