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Talents and Treeforms

There's actually a little new content with 2.0, if you ask Lutel where to find it.

After a few sparse weeks around Thanksgiving, Watchers came roaring back into action with the advent of 2.0 and the promise of Burning Crusade.

The latest patch has a few problems. Not only did it break every add-on in existence (thanks to the upgrade to LUA 5.1), but there are various interface bugs even with the default UI, including scary looting issues and random disconnects.

We also bid a fond farewell to our old friend: the Global LookingForGroup chat.

*sniff* I'll never forget the wisdom you imparted over these magical months, global lfg...

This conversation really opened my eyes to the majesty of the religion of caring about being alive by back feeling. Seriously.

Sounds like somebody got themselves kicked recently...

'Til we me again in that great chat log in the sky.

2.0 also also introduced a new, extremely powerful macro system. Check out Raii's enormous macro post and take home some new ideas for your class.

Quibbles aside, 2.0 has mostly been a great addition to the game. The new honor system is a 1000% improvement. The LFG tool is fancy as pants. And the new talents and abilities have made most classes both more complex and more powerful, with more to come as we move toward 70 next month.

Anyway... what have we been up to since our MC adventure and Valthalak-slaying last month? Read on.

Yeah, Whind, yeah the new haircut looks great. No... really, it doesn't make you look like a dead salamander at all.

We ganked two Silithus abyssal lords: Prince Skaldrenox and Lord Skwol, with 16 and 15 people respectively. Skwol dropped his epic healer necklace which Katala accidentally swallowed. We can only assume it's still giving him the stats. Then we killed Kurinaxx with 16, just for good measure.

Then we ran a ridiculous UBRS which netted us 3 epics - A felstriker, a Blackblade and that Amulet of Cainwyn. Crazy luck.

Nothing gets you cut off quite as fast as puking up half a pound of black hair.

Finally we hit ZG this last week for a two-night full-clear.

Hakkar went down with NO deaths (though on the second attempt), marking our first ever perfect Hakkar kill. We then killed Bloodlord with 14 people, which has got to be some kind of record.

Great work all around, guildies!

Christmas is up next! I hear that Santa guy has some serious lewts... watch the events forums for my plan to take him down.


Oh, and look what dropped in Scholo for us the other night:

08 Dec 2006 by carwin

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