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Molten Valthalak

Recipe for a Molten Valthalak:
- 2 parts Jack Daniels
- 1 part Coke
- 1 part ordinary children's cough syrup
- Heat at 1000 degrees Celsius

You'll know it's ready when it melts straight through your counter top, leaving a charred chasm to the center of the Earth.

Ok... on to the news!

The usual silliness went on this week, as it always does.

The magnificent ballet of predator and prey plays out in the irradiated tunnels of Gnomeregan.

No srsly. It's not a metaphor: they're dancing a ballet.

Insufferable, really.

So I finally convinced my fellow Watchers that this tiresome life on Azeroth was not worth living. Our collective solution: a 20-man MC raid!

Well, 21 technically. But who's counting? Not me.

This series of pictures details our exploits:

Long story short: We kicked butt all the way down to Gehennas with ease. But Gehennas himself put us in our place.

After much discussion, everyone agrees that we could definitely take him with 25, and some think we could have taken him with just the 20 we had last week if we tried a few more times. Personally, I think he'd be as dead as Aiwass after five Molten Valthalaks if we got another shot at him.

The moral: we could down at least a few MC bosses. Hot bananas!

Anyone remember this guy?

Gimme two Molten Mes, and a thing'a pretzels.

Last night we finally killed Lord Valthalak for Armageddonit and Bodiceripper! Huzzah!

We tried to work out our own strat without using internet infoz, but that resulted in a long night of chain wipes two weeks ago. We simply couldn't figure out his self-healing mechanic.

So we broke down and checked wowwiki, and it turns out nobody there understands it either! The best anyone could offer was to keep all melee out of range until he hits phase 2 - a "strat" that is suspiciously similar to the one ZG pugs use on Venoxis when they don't understand Holy Wrath.

Carwin: "Zomg, how does this work?"
Internet: "I dunno, lets all just stand really far away and plitz him with arrows til he dies!"
Carwin: "I love you, Internet."

Ah well, if I can't have understanding, I'll settle for avoidance:

Downed him first try. Ezpz!

Grats Caill and Arma on finishing your D2 quest lines, and Actaeon on the nifty nuker ring.

That's it for this week! I'll be MIA this coming Wednesday, so Jorren and Horren will be running the raid. Last I heard they were planning a 20-man hit on "that rabbit that stole Croy's hat." ... uh huh, real shame I'm gonna miss this one. wassat


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04 Nov 2006 by carwin

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