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A Halloween Surprise

That's right. Watchers now has three Halloweens under its belt... I think. Or is it two? I'm pretty sure three. One in FFXI and two in WoW.

Of course the annual Halloween zaniness has ensued.

Step to this!

But something just feels different this year. I'm still afraid, but it's not ghosts and goblins that keep me awake at night, it's...

Click on the image to watch the video, if you haven't already.

Posting the link to this video in the Juice House was the worst decision I've ever made. I can't go ten minutes in-game without being reminded of that giant, phallic pickle leaping around and squeeling that high-pitched "PICKLE SURPRISE!"


I cut off about 20 lines of Croyspamô at the top.

This one came mid-ZG raid.

Sry, no, you can't get a guild invite.


There are more. So many more. I just stopped screenshotting them all. Any time someone says "good night" in guild chat, you can bet they whispered me a half dozen little surprises immediately afterwards.

Happy Halloween, Watchers! Like Snickers before me: I hate you all.

27 Oct 2006 by carwin

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