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Jin'do Jin'dead
Laaaid back.

Just a quick update today.

In two weeks, on Wednesday November 1st, Watchers will be rolling into MC for a ridiculous 20-25 man attempt at getting epix. Whether or not we're able to down any bosses is questionable... but it should be great fun regardless!! The instance resets the day before so no worries about lock out timers interfering. Good times, gauranteed. (gaurantee void for residents of any continent or land mass)

Last night we tried Jin'do for the first time, and killed him for the first time. Go us!

It took four wipes, but we refined the strat every attempt, smoothly improved, and finally nailed him.

Click for larger version of this ridiculous shot
Click for Katala's commentary

It went something like this: 75%, 60%, 40%,10%, 0% (zero means dead, for the mathemetically disinclined).

That means every boss in ZG is now dead to us, except for the Edge of Madness event, which I fully expect we'll own when we eventually get around to bothering with it.

Oh, and for the record, on the last attempt we killed Jin'do without a single death (perfect!), but then I died to his curse DoT a few seconds later. So, while technically not qualifying as a perfect kill, it was damn good.

19 Oct 2006 by carwin

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