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Blood Gods and salesmen.
The price was a buck twenty. You were wrong.

Hakkar went through more open heart surgery this week, but I guess that's not such a big deal when your heart is a giant pulsing mass sticking out from the middle of your chest. You'd have to perform minor surgery every time cookie crumbs fell on your shirt, or they might slip into some open artery and zoom straight to your brain.

Hakkar: "Doctor, I've been having these chest pains."
Doctor: "Holy hell! This x-ray shows bow-tie pasta in your left ventricle!"
Hakkar: "Oh, I ate at Lombardi's last weekend and forgot to wear a bib."

Anyway, last Night Watchers cleared all five aspects and downed Hakkar in 3 hours and 30 minutes, with 19 people. And that was with one wipe and one reset, so we can definitely go faster.

Plus, after he died I got the greatest corpse shot ever! Check it:

Gwaah! What the hell!? This screenshot is totally filled with Croy! Way2ruin my killshots with ur ugly 'stache, n00b. It looks like someone's freakishly hairy thumb is covering half of the camera lens.

Ruined screenshots aside, last night went great. Spirits were high, assisting was excellent, and pwnage was plentiful. Great work everyone!

Keep an eye out for Memnon's amazing loot post, when he finishes it. We didn't have such hot luck with drops (DPS Plate gloves x3 ftl), but there were still some upgrades floating around, and we got nice stuff from Hakkar.

Watchers swarm like termites to a wood... snake... God. I guess.

Maev somehow wound up on here twice. He's mad sketch.

The Sunday before last (but after the first Hakkar kill) we killed half of AQ20 again with some DoY folks, netting some nice lewts. Then we took down a Silithus lord and realized that they're really freakin' easy. We summoned the Water Lord (supposedly the hardest) and beat it down with 21 people. I don't want to overstate the situation, but it was substantially easier than Venoxis.

Yeah, I went there.

That's like saying something "sucks worse than getting hit by a flaming bus," it kinda makes you take a step back and think "wow, that must really suck." Take that theory and apply it to easiness, as it pertains to the supposedly hard Silithus Lord, and you'll see that Venoxis on fire would make a nice postcard.

Or something... you get the idea. Commercial break!

Are you kidding? SIXTEEN!

Folks have been PvPing a lot more recently. It's fun! Of course I hack pretty much non-stop ... but I have no morals. That's how I hit rank 4 in only 3 months. You'd think that'd have set off some alarms at Blizz.

Aiwass is running a "hey everyone come PvP together" event tonight (Thursday) at 7:00! Log in and get yo'self some honor kills. You can bet I'll be there, and I'm a terror in the battlegrounds.

Carwin kicking ass and taking names in Arathi Basin BG

Lastly, this coming Monday Tom is running The Great Race - a level 1 footrace from Darnassus to Silithus, or some insanity like that. It starts at 7:00 on Monday, Oct. 2nd, and is forecasted to last about eleven hours. Maybe everyone should be forced to /pvp flag as well, just for that added element of danger. Cause running through Un'Goro at level 1 won't be dangerous enough!

Anyway, be there! It'll be great fun for all.

Dipchip and Teflonblade match wits in Stormwind

'til next time!
28 Sep 2006 by carwin

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