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WatchersIII and Progress
First and foremost:

Much like this Chocobo, the FFXI branch of Watchers has been reborn!
Disclaimer: Statement assumes said Chocobo had previously died.

That means the old pearl has been phased out. If you need a new pearl, contact Lucent in-game or on the forums! More details can be found in this thread.

Feel like you've lost some of that old-tyme Watchers magic? Then check out these most classic of quotes, and reminisce (that's spelled right, srsly).

Over in World of Warcraft, we've been progressing like mad!

For months we were hung up in Zul'Gurub. We were only able to kill Snake in-guild. We would frequently wipe to trash pulls. On rare occasion we would team up with DoY and manage to kill Jeklik the batgirl, but that was pretty much the extent of it.

Finally, in early June this year, we got serious. Since then Watchers has been working through Zul'Gurub every Wednesday night: killing a few bosses, refining strats, and grabbing lewts every time. Despite the notable handicap of raiding with an average of 18 people and deliberately minimizing reliance on outside strats, we've been kicking Guruby ass all over the place.

Check out the progress chart here to see how far we've come!

I'll save the complete retrospective for later - we're not out of the woods yet! - but the point is: With last night's Arlokk kill we're clear to Hakkar.

Damn, Dorant's rec-room is weird.

Here's how it went down:

We showed up and killed Venoxis because he's funny.

Then we went across the Waterfall and cut by Jin'do's scary, scary room. That's when things started getting h4rdcor3. We climbed Arlokk's little pyramid for the first time in Watchers guild history. I wiped the sweat from my brow. The pulls were fairly easy, but tension remained high. Tears streamed down my face when the last of the Temple trolls fell. I blacked out for thirty seconds. We were finally ready for our first-ever Arlokk attempt.

I got up to get some water, my hands shaking violently... and that's when all hell broke loose:

Yeah, okay so maybe it wasn't quite that tense. "Silly" might be a better word for it. And if my hands did any shaking, it probably had more to do with my bottomless impotent Eunuch rage than my nerves. But whatever, the point is: we summoned Arlokk for the first time ever.

We wiped with the boss at 47%. We revised our strat, pulled again, and murderized her completely with 19 people.

Given how much hype surrounds this boss, I honestly found it to be one of the easier fights in ZG. Even Jeklik is tougher, imo.

We proceeded on to Thekal, who is a much harder boss. We've killed Ole' Theky before, but I wouldn't say he's exactly on "Farm status" yet. Nonetheless, we trounced him good - with 18, I reckon. A'yup.

In the next few days, we'll be posting the dates for the big two-night Hakkar run. It will be a Wednesday and Thursday night back-to-back operation sometime in mid-September. I strongly encourage folks to sign-up for the event here on the site, since we may have high demand for the run... so keep an eye on the Upcoming Events forum!

As Memnon said: "The road to Hakkar is OPEN! And I know he’s shaking in his boots… err… fins… err… flying flappy things…"


Because I'm afraid of bugs, I don't walk around Silithus. I cower in a corner until the raid reaches a boss and then I for a summon.

You probably thought that was it, huh? We'll you're WRONG!!! Wrooonnng! Bwahahaha! Hahah.. heh... aahh. Yeah.

Good times.

Last Sunday we zoomed into AQ20 for the weekly "Niknak's AQ20 semi-PuG" raid. This week, however, it became a Watchers raid. How? I dunno... 16 Watchers showed up, and that's all it takes.

We downed Kurinaxx, as always, and then killed Rajaxx and Buru for the first time in an "official Watchers group." We were sorta robbed by Moam, and decided to sneak past him and get our first look at big, bad Ossirian.

And was he evveerr big and bad. Ossirian flat out owned us. So badly, in fact, that it kinda bummed me out. It's one thing to lose to a boss... but it's another to have a boss then take your corpse and put it in the giant mummy-man lavatory as a urinal freshener. Yeah. We got faced in the face.

But he's supposed to be hard - he is the final boss of the Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj, after all - so we wont let it get us down!

Grats to everyone who's won phat lewts over the last two weeks (too numerous to mention). Don't miss Memnon's weekly ZG results threads for details - they rock!

Until next time... when, with a little luck, I'll have even bigger news to report!

31 Aug 2006 by carwin

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