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WTF Weekly
Here's "that link". Huzzah! Some of them were actually pretty impressive. Thanks Cail! smile

Just because. How often do you see subtitled flatulance? Pffrrrrrrtt!

PBF Comics. Treasure trove of crazy and awesome.

Panda. Boo!

And now the weekly installment of vent quotes!

<3 the new voidy sounds.

TV + ZG = dead Jorren.

Sheepy Death.

Everything leads to bacon.

Abominations and muppets.

Horun's brain > Lostris.

Spider boss is dead? Who cares, there's a pot!

No pot is complete without spinning horses...

...which reminds us of spinning in the past.

We don't look very smart doing it though.

Still more pot action. *Barfs fire over everyone*

Carwin makes sure we all know the flaws in his line method.

Ten Zrollys logging into vent...or at least it seems that way. laughing

Joa's sea cow sound effects.

Our first joke, whee!

If anyone knows of any other good jokes come tell then at the end of our next Wednesday raid. The best will end up here!

Until next week, /lick. tongue
29 Aug 2006 by talash

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