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Swammy Smamdo Tells the Future
Sorry for the super-lateness of this news. I've got a Watchers project or two underway, and I kept expecting one to wrap up in a reasonable time frame for a news post. But they didn't. Some other time.

First off, a huge thanks-and-hidee-ho to everyone who turned out for last week's sold-out AQ20 raid. We had 17 people raided up AT 7:00, which has got to be some kind of "omg people are actually on time" record. Let's keep that sort of punctuality rolling, since it literally adds an extra hour of raiding (or maybe sleeping) time onto every wednesday.

Now sit, and let Swammy Smamdo speak of your past, present and future.

"First I will look into your present, yoooouuuurr rpreeeesseennnnttt. Cause that's the easiest."

The Crystal Balls says:
ZG moved to TUESDAY this week!
This week, and this week only, our usual Wednesday ZG raid is happening on TUESDAY night.

There may also be a wednesday run, but the big one is Tuesday at 7:00. We'll be moving straight to Bloodlord, Thekal and Arlokk.

Please try to be online at or before 7:00pm; If we have enough folks show up on time we'll be able to kill extra bosses! /hint /hint.

A turnip in your salad bemoans:
Memnon to chronicle winners/losers
Learn what went down in AQ this week here. Check the forums every week for updates.

The mists clear, and unveil:
Sunday 3:00 PuG Raids with Niknak!
Every Sunday at 3:00, don't miss Niknak and Kaylabeard's semi-PUG ZG! This week, and this week only, they'll be going to AQ instead. Click here for General info , and Click here to sign up for this week.

"Yes, Yeeeees, that's good magic. Come and touch my enchanted eight-ball and I will show you the past. That which has already occured, my friend! How? Well, I've been secretly following you with a camera and... WAIT! I mean, MAGIX!"

The Spirits claim:
Jorren and Speedy are sitting in a tree


Sources from the land of Nod speak:
Vases are fun!

Whee! Wheeee!

The army of Darkness reports:
Niknak completes Timbermaw rep!

Her Majesty's Royal Air Force uncovered:
Necropoli show level 7s what for

An Incredible Necropoli of power pours forth elite level 5 filth.

Marduk's messenger says:
Watchers save Darrowshire.

A triumphant gathering around the corruption-prone Joseph Redpath

My haunted toenail speaks:
Hideous growths form on Carwin's wrists, ankles.

They don't hurt, but sometimes they squirt.

A little sparrow tweetered:
Loch Modan statues infested by tiny Watchers

I hear the dwarves are spraying the whole place on Monday.

The Light told me:
Joa wins Benediction, saves mankind


Tearamus the Devourer coughed up:
Ysida freed

She wasn't Harmon nobody.

Data found in a bucket suggests:
Baby animals defeat Watchers tanks


"Impressed, yes? Well, you should look over your shoulder more.

That's it! You can see yourself out...

Huh? You paid your 20g to see the future? Oooh, well why didn't you say so? I am a Swammy after all. Help me get my crystal ball calibrated, just look right over there and..."

/em hearths
29 Jul 2006 by carwin

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