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WTF Weekly
More Rube Goldberg. The best one of these that I've seen so far. To bad they didn't show the others that were in the competition. Color me impressed. Wait a minute, that isn't a color...quick someone go invent it!

Earth go Bewm. Now that it's gone lets all go live on the moon! At least we won't go hungry since it's made of cheese. Mmmm...

Diet Coke + Mentos = SMAM Oooh pretty. Quick someone tell me what SMAM means! I also demand info on whether or not Carwin tried this "tomorrow".

Look Around You. Curse you Imhotep! You've fooled me for the last time! *Grabs his shotgun*

Something Aweful Movie Posters. Look and laugh, need I say more?

Don't sleep in Japan. Wow...I've heard of heavy sleepers One helluva way to wake up. laughing

Pickles! I know I shouldn't laugh but ... Ahahahhahhahhahhahhahah.

Art with Nature. Now this guy has talent. Anyone invent that color yet?

Pokemon. Oh funny...can't breathe.

Hummmm. I could have sworn I had more links than this...curse you YouTube for removing robot chicken clips! Ah well. See you all next week. *Gets back to trying to invent the color "impressed"*
11 Jul 2006 by talash

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