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Fight Night!

Ooga Booga!


I'm struggling to come up with a theme for this update. I've got lotsa of random pics, but they don't really fit together into anything coherent. So I guess incoherence is the theme. Kinda like a conversation with Maddog.


Then it happened, just as it had so many times in Carwin's reoccuring dream. He was devoured by a giant, smiling turtle.

Earlier tonight we hit Zul'Gurub once again. We killed both Venoxis and Jek'lik (that's snakestar and battub for the naming impaired) with only 16 people in well under 2 hours. We owned the hell out of them, too.

We'll be going back again next week for more and faster, so if you missed the lollipops and mayonnaise that went down tonight, you've got another chance coming soon! Wednesday June 21st at 7pm, don't miss it!

Mini-Jorren vs. Teh Feet

Next we gave the mysterious Nat Pagle fishy boss our first try ever. We had no clue what we were doing, and wiped, but we got it to 50% and learned pretty much all we needed to learn (ie. take swimming lessons). Fun stuff! Next week he dies horribly.

Another lazy day at the beach spent scuba diving under the influence of powerful hallucinogens.

Part of our success is no doubt due to the gradual, creeping fungus of power that is Tier 1. Much thanks to Dreams of Ysera for letting us tag along and gank big firey things. Don't forget to sign up on their forums for Thursday and Saturday MC runs, with a little Onyxia tossed in for spice.

And congratulations to the following Watchers on their lewts:
Xanefius ~ Nightslayer Chestpiece
Gary ~ Felheart Horns and boots
Gnomercide ~ Felheart Shoulders
Lorraine ~ Prophecy Mantle
Jorren ~ Might Leggings
Horun ~ Giantstalker Helm

Did I forget you? It's because I don't like you.

Or maybe because you didn't post your lewts Here

Holy hell, is it just me or is this purple troll being sniped in the forehead!

There's been a rash of lowbie rolling recently. Probably because we're all a little bored. I had an ugly, ugly d0rf for a while, but then he became a pumpkin:

Ah, the impotent rage of pumpkinhood.

Enough of that... now for the moment you've all been waiting for:

Speedy versus the Beast!

In the Green corner, weighing in at 8 ounces and standing 5 inches tall, I give you: Speeeeeedy!

Note: Pattern on shell vaguely resembles a skull. ooOOooo

And in the Red corner, weighing in at 570 pounds and a towering 14 feet, The Beeeeaaasst!

Note: Because no single image can fully encompass the Beasts immensity, this picture is cropped

We're taking your bets now!
15 Jun 2006 by carwin

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