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WTF Weekly
Two weeks and I have 3 links!? You all didn't happen to spontaneously turn 80 years old did you? Maybe those mind control drugs the government puts in vaccinations are finally kicking in...

Where *not* to do bhangra. As Huxby says, just watch.

Pictures make pictures... thing. Another cool flash page to keep you distracted. Can you find the secret picture?

The Evolution of Dance. "I like big...butts and I can not lie."

Ok, since we're short on links I'm throwing in two cat videos that (as far as I know) haven't made it to the Juice House yet. First people who make either of the threads for these get a free ball of lint*!

Talking cats! If you have a cat, bring it into the room while this plays and see how it reacts.

Before you think it, no, there isn't anything wrong with this cat. tongue

Tune in next week. Same Tally-time, same Tally-channel. *knocks out Batman before he can sue*

* Delivery may take 2 to infinity weeks.
30 May 2006 by talash

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