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Where teh news at?
There's been no news lately for one or more of the following reasons:

1) I've been out of town.
2) Raid attendance has been low.
3) We're sad, jaded people and nothing seems news worthy anymore.
4) Someone spilled my bucket.

So I'll just fill everyone in on a few nifty points.

The last time I hit Molten Core with Dreams of Ysera we killed Majordomo Executus. That was two weeks ago so no doubt he's gone down at least once again since then. Grats everyone!

Zerol and Memnon are both waaay far through their Dungeon 2 sets. Mem even summoned Lord Valthalak for us one night, and we had a good row.

Acting on a tip, the watchers catch Lord Valthalak off his guard.

We had Bodice and Bran sit in a booth to one side and wink at him while the rest of us snuck up and smashed our beer bottles on his head. Unfortunately he's, like, a giant dragon thing, so that didn't do a lot.

I had a shiv (and/or homemade knife) and was gonna stab him good, but I guess he had some buddies because someone hit me over the back with a chair. That's prolly for the best because my lawyer informs me shivving people in bars, even drago-people, is definitely a murder charge, and I can't go to jail again.

I would've been down for the count, but Hibmo.. or Horun... I dunno, some friggin' d0rf, fed me this horrible Worm Sausage thing and I had to get my arse back up to keep from asphyxiating. Lotta good it did. I got smacked again and woke up three hours later in an Ironforge hospital with a giant bill and a Thorium Rod where my hip used to be. Now I can't get on airplanes without being strip searched. Thanks, Valthalak.

Patch 1.11 is up on test and looks pretty neat, even if it contains yet another stupid raid instance. Lord knows we need more of those! Anyway, check out many of the undocumented patch changes here. There are a lot of cool, positive changes.

Also, Check out Zerol's excellent new post on planning events. We've been doing pretty well lately with random "what do you feel like doing?" events, but if you feel like your particular need is slipping through the cracks (wer r u 45-min baron) please take Zerol's advice and POST about it.

And yes, we'll be recruiting soon on the WoW side. Details as soon as we get organized enough to make a post.

I don't know what's going on over in FFXI since they don't talk to me anymore. I'm guessing that they've explored a good bit on ToA and spent some time leveling Corsair and Blue Mage while studiously avoiding that Puppetmaster job. But who knows.

Not much FFXI news came out of E3, but they had some Mithra at their booth so that's always good. Zerol took pictures of them (and even showed them off to E3 security guards for kicks), but he refuses to share them with the guild... probably because they're so incredibly dirty. In fact, the very mention of them will probably get this site filtered for pornographic content.

Anyway, I'll be sure to post as soon as something cool happens. Until then, see ya'll online.
26 May 2006 by carwin

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