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WTF Weekly. Now with more gnome.
Hello all and welcome to the first ever WTF Weekly, done by your friendly neighborhood ex-taru and semi-sane gnome, Talash!

Every week I'll be listing off the very best of our Juice House content. If you've been unable to keep up with our forums or simply don't visit often, then this is for you! The second link in each pair will take you directly to the forum thread in case you'd like to post about whatever you just watched.

On with the linkage! tongue

This guy sure knows how to die.

And the #1 cause of insanity in todays children is...
(Audio only)

What the Street Fighter movies could have been.

Live Action Mario!

1337 Star Wars. Use the hax, Luke!

Very cool remote controlled airplane/boat thingy.

Oh Lordi, it's Gwar lite.

Moscow, Moscow, La-la-lah, lah-la-la-lah.

Not from this week, but it's been almost exactly 1 year since it was first posted! Make sure you also check out Tuptup's link at the end of the thread.

Well, that's all for now. Make sure you check back next week to see what crazy things the rest of the world has been up to. laughing
Future updates will be up every week, late (very, very late) on Monday nights or early Tuesday mornings.
02 May 2006 by talash

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