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Treasures of Aht'Urhgan Released!

The box art that made ten thousand 12 year olds simultaneously say "thats ghey."

FFXI Watchers, get thee hence to a game store neareth you! There should be a box there full of new zones, missions, lewts, jobs and weasels.

While it's installing, hit up the forums and post in Maevek's Uncharted Adventures thread! Don't you want to be the first to taste Mamook? Doesn't everyone?

Along with an expansion comes a patch, of course. Check out the latest version notes Here. They basically just read like an expansion feature list, but there's nothing wrong with that.

Some highlights:


the following regions have been added:
West Aht Urhgan, Mamool Ja Savagelands, Halvung Territory, Arrapago Islands

Keep in mind that CoP only added one new region.


Several new quests have been added.

Hahah, well I'd hope so!


Several new monsters have been added to the Treasures of Aht Urhgan areas

Oh good. They just wouldn't be much fun with no monsters


A new feature called the "Kokba Hostel" has been added.

... for cyboring

Perhaps the nobelest of professions.

As everyone knows, there will be new jobs as well:



Blue Mage

On top of that, ToA seems to add a large amount of casual-oriented content. I didn't gather that it's necessarily low level, but rather that it's something you can do with a single group (and doesn't include standing in one spot for 8 hours). The biggest and best sounding one is Assault, which sounds to me like a pseudo-randomly generated instanced area. Something like a Burning Circle with seven rooms and 20 mobs, instead of a single boss.

Oh, and did I mention pirates?

Yarr, me' ship be gloomy, says I.

And Item Identification?

Implied: You're an idiot.


18 Apr 2006 by carwin

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