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Unaccustomed particularization
Greetings, hoi polloi. I'm writing this update with the help of a thesaurus! It's full of amazing words that I don't understand, but I don't see why that should discontinuate me.

"Any of them can be yours tonight, for a price."

Treasures of Aht'Urhgan is coming ever closer, like a looming Urht'wurgle sneaking up behind a Zumfr'izzle bush. Included are various new physiognomy, such as:

Private Syboring Station

Garrison Indoor playroom

Legalization of Assault!

A taru pretending to be a sparkly mushroom, or a sparkly mushroom pretending to be a taru?

If you're interested in getting in on the Watchers ToA'Urrrg action, tell Maevek here. If you'd rather just pick up chick(en)s, tell Lucent.

Geez, so many links. It's getting like a blog in here. Maybe I should post pictures of my snake farm, then write poems about my deeply symbolic Karaoke performance at the ice cream social.

Nah, I won't. You extemporaneous people would like that entirely too much.

In WoW we've been drowning in phat lewt lately! 1.10 busted onto the scene and managed to simultaneously overjoy and piss off pretty much everybody. It's a weird feeling... like getting punched while opening Christmas presents.

Agent 366, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to farm Winterspring for Carwin.

Congratulations Horunskeith for hitting revered with Cenarion Circle! The amount of effort that went into that is mind-boggling, but the entire guild will reap the rewards. /bow.

Congratulations Jorren (Croyden) on agglomerating one of the l33test epix in the guild today: Legplates of Might.

I don't have a screenshot of him, but I imagine he looks something like this:

Bloomy Pinkpants, King of the Rainbow Warriors

We killed Venoxis yet again, grabbing another Zulian Tigerhide Clock, which is only one letter away from what we actually got. I disremembered who it went to... please lemme know, someone.

UBRS was ambuscaded (now with only 10). We accidentally scared The Beast up into a tree. Since he was on fire anyway, we thought it might be redundant to call the fire department to get him down, so eventually he just jumped. Now he's corpselike.

But the best part was all the new boodle we aspied!

For one thing, Zerol (Whind (Zerol)) got a freakin' Felstriker

This dagger is incontrovertible, sumptuous, and highfalutin'

The crappy green "Tribal War Feathers" leather helm that Gyth used to drop is now blue with +33 healing and a random resist enchant. Basically, it's now awesome heal'a'dr00d resist gear.

Drakk dropped these unspoilt things as well:

My ultramodern bean pod is so frolicsome!

Fun fact: "cow's breakfast" is apparently a synonym for "hat."

Ok that's it for this week bedfellows, see you ensuingly.
30 Mar 2006 by carwin

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