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Picture-free News! (now with pictures)
I've been meaning to post, but can't find time to crop the pics. I'll post them this weekend, but until then close your eyes, breathe deeply, and let Figment the Imagination Dinosaur draw pictures in your brain.

[edit: I added in a few of the missing pictures.]

And don't worry, the pain will subside once he gets to your spinal cord.

Caught with his pants down, what could Sandy do but dance?

I must say, there have been quite a few achievements lately

In FFXI land, Lucent got Sky access. The apocalypse didn't come when he hit 70, so I'm not as nervous about this one. Still... sleep with a silver burrito under your pillow, or whatever it is you're supposed to do to keep Satans away.

Lucent, visibly weeping, as he ascends the stairs of Sky.

Sakka got SMN to 70 AND got her RDM an AF2 helm, which is ridiculously inconceivable. That's like saying "Sakka swam the Atlantic," its not really an achievement, it's cartoonishly outlandish nonsense your pathological liar roommate thinks you believed until you hit him with a full can of coke.

Only it IS true!

Oh sorry, it's not a hat, it's a ~chapeau~. And to think, all of this time I've been using the stuff to wash my hair.

There're some exciting things coming up in FFXI land. Check out the expansion - slated for realease in about 4 weeks - here. If you wanna get in on the ground floor of Aht'urghan exploration, let Maevek know Here!!!

Alright, enough levity: In this powerful image we see that when zebra's drive station wagons, the only winners are the worms.

Note the sobering expression on the blimp-driver's face in the top left.

In WoW, Caillech finished her Dal'Rends set, slapped on dual +15 agility enchants, and effectively doubled her DPS. Congratulations!

I'm very happy to report that Memnon is back, and has some kind of h4xx that turns mobs into sheep. I dunno what's up with that. Welcome back man!

Antonin got his eleventh mount, and Voronwe (one of our newer members) just hit 60!

To express his congratulations, Dorant sent me this photograph of himself wearing a kimono with an entire banana stuck in each nostril!

Paint, Figment. Paint!

Warning: The previous image was extremely graphic and should not have been viewed by young children.

We also managed to get the beast stuck in a rabbit hole in UBRS. Unsure what to do, we stabbed his flaming arse until he stopped wiggling, then ate our way through.

Don't talk with your mouthful, Deline!

What about quotes, you say?

Not to vent, but the advent of vent has signifivently decreased the number of quotes I vet these days. I don't know what it was, but for some reason everyone was typing this week!

This not out of context. It is presented here in the same context as it was originally - that is, as a singular statement unrelated to and unexplained by surrounding conversation.

I didn't know mere words could be so unspeakabley vile. Not only did I kick this person out of the guild, I later rammed toothpicks into my ears hoping to erase the terrible memory of this quote.

This conversation is just too long for me to crop. Click through it and read the bright yellow text... it's worth it.
Screen 1
Screen 2
Screen 3


That's it for now. Check back later for pictures... which will probably ruin whatever entertainment value this post had. Cheerio.
24 Mar 2006 by carwin

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