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Corsairs, Poems and laaaaag.

Noolyoonoomoomyalu was married!!

And yes, I mean IRL. Not to a gnome or something like half of you were thinking. Weirdos. Grats Nooly!

Now that I've spent a little time judging you, poetry!

As you all may recall,
Cimorene was very small.
Carwin worried about poor Cimi,
It's not safe to be so mini!

Plus he couldn't try to get in her pants,
When she could just hide under plants.
Then one day a big mean skelly
put cimorene in a prison celly!

She got real pissed and used some magic,
to make that skeleton's life real tragic.
The broken skeleton could never by fixedy,
because Cimorene hit level sixty!

/bow /bow Thanks everyone. I know that was really good.

Grats on 60, Shishi!

Maeverros finished his devout set, like so. Grats Mave!

An enormous number of instances were run over the last two weeks. It's strange to think that at one point in time I would specifically document every instance run by Watchers. Now I can't even pretend to keep track of them all. It's incredible how much the guild has grown in the last year.

One thing that's not helping said growth is: Cenarius Server! We've been having horrible problems for the past few weeks, which have caused us to cancel our ZG run twice in a row. We're trying again this Wednesday. Could we get another server upgrade Blizz? Maybe on Tuesday? Please?

It's patch day in FFXI! Check out the crazy new notes here

SE has really been cracking down on gil-sellers. In case you missed it, the most signifcant articles are here and here. Word on the street is that prices have been dropping as a result. Gogo SE!

Maevek is stirring up some mischeif for the upcoming Treasures of Aht'Urhgan. Want to be the first to wear a saucy pirate hat? Post Here and let Maevek know you're a Corsair at heart.

Corsair: nautical history pirate: a pirate, especially one based on the North African coast between the 16th and 19th centuries

Oh yeah. That's me.
20 Feb 2006 by carwin

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