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The Adventures of Dracoz
Dracoz, a newish FFXI member, sent me a story to post! But first, a word from our sponsers:

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Now we return to our regularly scheduled programming:

By Dracoz

This is a tale of a taru named Dracoz in the world of FFXI.

Hmmm, well I suppose this isn’t really a story but instead a recollection of what I have done and seen. It begins with the creation of Dracoz. Many of you know Shiara, who is my sister; she gave me the world pass to join the Fairy server. At the same time Taurran (also known as Horun) my older brother joined and we would become part of the Watchers LS.

The fireworks at the summer festival.

As I began to discover this new world I would see many new and amazing things. After all, I had joined not long before the summer festival. It was at this first event that I would discover some of the silliness and colorful clothes in the game.

“To the beach”

But not all can be fun and games. Sometimes there is work to be done and that requires one to be prepared for battle. So I would begin to seriously adventure as a warrior setting out to be the sword wielding hero.

Me with my rockin sword.

I would also begin to craft things to help pay for adventuring.

Yay for clothcraft.

It soon was time to party up with other people and face the world.

However learning how to party would take time. Even with a party of two warriors, a black mage and a white mage we still managed to be dead ten minutes later with our first big goblin encounter.


After some more partying I still wasn’t very good at it and preferred to partner up with only one or two other people. So I needed a partner in crime and that would be none other than Shiara.

The warrior and monk duo.

I was soon to start seeing the rest of the world. During a fight with one of the event bulls to get a sash I was flung further than I ever could have expected. I would travel from just outside of Windurst to the middle of Bastok (and in only one loading screen). While it was really cool to be in a new place, I had no knowledge of what to do once there, so I ended up sitting by the airship dock crying until Shiara came to the rescue.


After feeling melancholy about leaving town I began to build up the strength to go out again. It was time to go partying once again, so off we went.

“Lets go!”

From here I would party on and off as school began to take up some of my time. During this time is also when I began to meet other members of the LS that I had only heard of before or seen talking in the chat. You guys are the coolest.

After a little bit of time I was to head for the dunes and begin more advanced training with some of the other LS members. Once there I would learn about skillchains, what I was supposed to do in a fight, and began to see the sheer scope of how big the world was.

Yeah we rock.

After that I would travel to Sandoria and greet Tigerion, my younger brother, into the game. I would teach him all that I had learned thus far in my adventures. Now all the siblings were in the game and playing together. Man that was fun.

“Dude you could at least say hi.”

Anyways, next up was the Halloween event. Based on speculations I thought it was going to be a little weird. Halloween would prove to be a great event where I would get even more new fun toys.

Yikes what happened to my head?
[ed. note] It's like it feeds through its beard and it just descended on a taru!

Look who’s bigger now!
[ed. note] Kill him!

[ed. note] Kill him!

After that I would party some more but remain as a relatively inactive active player... huh, what the heck does that mean?

From Sandoria there would some random excursions into the world with me and my brothers. This was fun but I began to miss Windurst and choose to grab Tigerion and take him with me back to my hometown. He still doesn’t like it as much as Sandoria but I think he’s a dork so we’re even.

Then there was the winter festival, yay for the fuzzy red hats.

Since then I have played on and off but remain unable to play consistently. But hey since there seemed to be a drop in the FFXI community I choose to make this and see what happened. Maybe some of those that had not been playing the game but had remained watching the forums would see this and return to the game. Maybe someone would find a way to revive it for everyone. Until that time those that have staid playing will continue to do so and wait for the day when the FFXI division of the Watchers can be brought back to life.

To get off that somber note here are some more pictures. Other silliness was bound to happen.

Uh oh how did this happen?

man is he cool or what.

This one night Lucent had been complaining about something, I wont name it, though (Lucent you can thank me later). Anyways he ended up with a mithra humpin' his leg. That would have been an amazing picture to post but I missed it. Here is the one I did get, however, when there was an interesting turn of events: Suddenly she choose to hump Carwin’s leg!

Hey Shiara if this is your first time seeing this don’t worry about it because he kept telling her to go play with me instead lol.

[ed. note] Lies! I did NOT get her number! Wait, what? You never said... ah crap.

Sadly this has to come to an end, but I am thinking about making more of this stuff. 'Till next time, bye-bye!
06 Feb 2006 by carwin

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