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The end of days.
Time for an update.

I hope everyone had happy Holidays. I got some socks and a new computer, so I can't complain.

Enough with the pleasantry. I've got some serious info to relay. What I'm about to say may be the most stunning, shocking, surprising, intriguing, and ultimately frightening news I have ever delivered:


I think the hideous dog speaks for us all.

In probably-related news: fire rained from the skies over numerous cities around the world, and some skinny guy on a horse nearly ran me over downtown.

Slightly less terrifying: Whind (aka. Zerol, aka. Zrol, aka. Zrl, aka. Z) hit level 60 and 300 alchemy. Deline hit level 60, and so did Nooly (as Maelik). Tally hit 300 enchanting. Caillech hit 300 Alchemy and Herbalism. I read a book.

Croy ran 2.5 million instances with his newly 60 Warrior and, in about 2 weeks, has gotten 90% of the gear I've spent the last 6 months collecting. I'm happy for him. Really. So happy I commissioned this honorable portrait of him:

Watchley, the guild bank, is chock full of fantastic stuffing and desserts that YOU, good citizen, could have for free any day you so desired. Check out his wares Here. Contact me as Carwin or as Watchley on the forums, in PM, in /tell, by mail in WoW or irl, with a message in a bottle, baby, whatever. Watchley will give you whatever you want.

Even the most magical ninja ever to sail the seven seas:

You can't have pirate Shishi though. She's allllll mine.

There's something about a hot chick balancing a miniature cat on her cutlass... oooooo.

We had a great time running UBRS this Wednesday. Thank you to everyone who came.

13 out of 15 people were Watchers, which made it the largest percentage of guildies ever in an UBRS run. Despite the fact that half the raid had never seen the zone before, and half of those were under 60, we kicked serious arse by any measure.

It's long been understood that killing Horun at least once is an important part of any raid. It didn't seem like it was gonna happen, so we got Dorant to drop a rock on him.

Jolly good.

We did wipe to Drakk, but that's only because some tricksy hunter pet aggroed him way before we were prepared, so that doesn't count. And no it was neither Boo nor Chowder! Another omen?

Grats Maev on the Devout Robe. Grats Dorant on the Lightforge Shoulders. Grats Shishi on the nifty cloak. Grats Maelik on the Big ole' sword. Grats Hyrel (of DoY fame) on the Ring.

We'll be doing more! Never fear.

Oh, and in case you somehow missed it, Raii updated the Member of the [%timeframe] with Jowakeem! Sheesh... we just can't bring on that apocalypse fast enough, can we?

Until next time, Watchers.
14 Jan 2006 by carwin

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