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Why, 'Tis Christmas Day!
The great gyrocopter to the North Pole is carrying me away in the wee hours of the morning, and I still have a million things to do, so I don't have time for a proper update.

But I can still share some christmas spirit:

CrankyPete looks upon the face of Christmas, and despairs.

Lucent wishes you a Merry Christmas.

So does Shishi and... is that Digi?

Croy's present to me. :(

Reindeers in the night.

A Happy Christmas, Merry Hanukkah, and a Great New Year to Watchers big and small. Have fun, be safe, and we'll all meet again in 2006!

Maybe it'll finally become "the future" and I can get my damn hovercar.
21 Dec 2005 by carwin

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