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A Charliewoo Brann Christmas!
Another news update!!

The biggest news this week, imo, is this:

Sorry about the filthy swears. Blame Lucent and the black pit of corruption he calls a soul.

Amazing no? If Joa leveling in FFXI is a herald of Doomsday (it is) then Lucent leveling in WoW is the fourth horseman.

Most of us were happy and excited to see such a Watchers icon join us in WoW - even for only a short time. Sadly resentment got the better of some:


Shocking, I know. The only way to set Sandy straight was to cut him lose. Not 2 days later I saw him hollering (high on grass, no doubt) in IF, trying to raise a resistance against "the status queue."

Dark days.

Charliewoo started playing too, and is leveling faster than I can type this. If I were to say that he's level 20 right now, he'd be 21 before I hit submit. If I went back to edit that last sentence he'd be 22. It's MaDNeSs.

The MC runs continue. We've had a few setbacks recently, but fun is still had by all! One week we followed this guy:

Oompaloompa + Dirty old man + Gollum = Dancing Gezzo!

Lock up your daughters!

To be fair, whenever he took a break from ninja'ing paladin loot, Gezz did offer the raid encouragement:

Yes, that's a macro.

But at the end of the day the epix were passed around. And isn't that what really matters?

Plenty of other runs went down. To keep myself online for so many consecutive hours I snort a mixture of crushed aspirin, carbon monoxide slush and PCP-laced pixie sticks every 10 minutes. This sometimes makes my memory/conciousness patchy, so please forgive me if I forget to mention something that meant the world to you. It's not because I h8... it's because I spend half the evening blind.

We ran Sunken Temple:

Damn we're epic looking.

We ran Mauradon at least twice. We ran ZF, BRD, Scholo and LBRS and UBRS once each. We also wiped 4 times trying to jump off of Teldrassil with Lucent. And I'm sure there was more.

In other words, we all need to go outside more.

Do as I say or feel the wrath of my Chinese New Year Celebratory Roman Candle Launcher. F00l.

But wait, there's more! Sandman finally got his Wildheart Spaulders! Cimorene (Shishi) broke level 50 with her Druid and hit 300 Elemental Leatherworking! Nooly is 59 and Deline is 58 and if you're 57 please tell me because it would make this sentence cooler.

I could go on for hours so much happened in the past 2 weeks. But I'm tired. So have a few quotes and see yourselves to bed.

Oh! I forgot to post this last update, but everyone very much needs to check out Safer's awesome series of FFXI pics Here! There are minor CoP spoilers, but you'll never get that far anyway so what does it matter? Definitely worth a look.

That's it for now. Until next time, {Water}chers.
09 Dec 2005 by carwin

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