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Somewhat Toasty Core
It is gettin' so hot, I will take my paaantts offf. What's that you say? It's Winter? Well... they're off anyway. What can I do?

Our friends over at Dreams of Ysera have started running weekly Molten Core raids, and we've been tagging along. The raids kick off every Saturday at 4pm server time, and if you're a level 60 Watcher you're invited!

Just think, this could be you:

Suggestions of possible rewards do not amount to promises. All rewards are subject to International and local laws and may be recinded or changed at any time without notice. Watchers reserves the right to totally ninja ur lewt and boot u cuz wer cold like that f00l.

Also grats to Slangee for Might Gloves, Sd for Might Bracers, and Dommage for Lawbringer Boots.

But it's not just about loot. There are also the horrible, horrible wipes.

omg guyz i aggrod sum monsters!

Actually we've been doing quite well. The first time we stepped our collective foot into the zone we killed Lucifron (the first boss) after 6 hours of clearing. That's a long time, but it's infinity hours faster than many first-time raids who never kill him at all. The second time (this last weekend) we killed him in 2 hours! I hope to get it down to 5 minutes so I can put in a pizza, get my epix, and hearth before it's done cooking.


For those concerned: No doing allianced MC runs does not mean we're suddenly a heartless raid guild. Ysera are good folks and have been completely running the show. We're just invited to kick butt along side them. So tag along some Saturday when you're not busy. It's fun!

However this does mean there will be some policy changes around the guild. I hope everyone can accept them with an open mind:

1) Every member will be assigned an Identification Number and will be addressed only by it from now on. Familiarities like "nooly" and "cail" will not be tolerated. Instead you will be "unit 5032a" or "9883bot." Failure to comply will result in termination.

2) Everyone will earn "chat points" (CKP) by attending events. Every time you say something in /guild one chat point will be deducted from your total. If you speak without the necessary number of chat points you will muted and probably spanked. If you appear to be enjoying the spanking we'll just throw things at you.

3) Leveling is now mandatory. I have installed an addon that shows me the xp/hour of every member of the guild. Your xp must never fall below 30k/hour. Sleeping is no excuse. If you lag behind I'll h4xx into your computer, log you into Ventrillo and scream at you until you ding or start crying, either of which will appease me.

This may seem harsh, but it's for your own good, maggots!

See what happens you lack discipline?? You become dead to someone!

Horun got one of the guilds first end-game epics a few weeks ago! It was with some other guild, unfortunately, but we still <3 him. Check it:
Striker's Mark

Remember last week when I said that context is never needed for poop jokes? I think maybe I was wrong.

Roots night is still going strong. Last week we... uh, did something. I forget, but it was good. Mauradon I think. Then on Wednesday we ran LBRS with several members of the not-quite-60-but-damn-close brigade and got absolutely no worthwhile items. But it was fun anyway!

Don't miss this Monday (tonight!) when more things happen that mean a lot to someone but then I forget about! Hooray!

Meanwhile in FFXI Safer ran an early-AM Phomiumniana Aquaducts run that culminated in one dead minotaur. Unless I'm mistaken Joa finished 2.3 which gets him about ready for the coolness to begin. Grats Joa!

The first hints of the FFXI December update have been dropped Here. They promise "updates" and "additions," so, uh, alright! There's also a picture of a spooky beach that looks vaguely like a Dynamis-Valkurm. I can't tell if that's an exciting or horrifying thought. Given the random nature of the pics they show it might just be bibiki bay at night, so let's not get too worked up.

And that's all there is, for now. I leave you with a few more quotes. Cheers!

We decided against pulling him so he just went home and took a shower.

If he does could you /tell me quick before you die? I lik 2 play 2.


21 Nov 2005 by carwin

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