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Okay! It's been a little while, so you might wanna get a cup of coffee and a tuna fish sandwich before getting started on this update.

Sniper: Mah face!! Grrgggllleee... *death*
Carwin: Nah, I'm good.

Handir trounced Tiamat, which I find extremely cool for some reason. I think the name just carries so many memories from past FFs... regardless, grats dude!

Better go confess this weekend, the first portent has arrived: Joa has been leveling in FF! He even got his AF weapon!! All ye looketh upon his XP and despair.

Tweakey's also been leveling. He hit 60 on his RDM, completed his AF, and finished G3. Then he defeated 4 ninjas with his crotch! Tweakey needs a good old fashioned nerfing.

Safer too. Not only does he have the best gear you've ever seen, he's at 91+1 alchemy with an alchemists tunic, and he even soloed Ultima:

Rather than accomplishing things, Lucent and I just went drinking. Oh well. We did hang out with this girl one time, though:


Over in WoW we went to ZG not once, not four times, but twice!

The first trip was last Wednesday. We killed both Batperson and Snakeindividual, netting us some moderately phat loots.

The second trip was this Wednesday. We were extremely short on priests. So short we almost cancelled. But Zierlyn logged in at the last second, and I trusted our small army of druids and pallys to keep me standing.

And keep standing did they? They did! We killed Venoxis on our first try (ya!) though we ate the usual 5 or 6 deaths right at the end. It was partly my fault, though, because I miss-timed my Shield Wall. Either way, we got him! He dropped another of those cool Zulian Stone Axes, which went to Imra. He also dropped a purple quest item, as always, but I forget who won it.

We continued onward and upward, aiming for our first attempt on Bloodlord. With a melee-heavy, healing-light, AE-devoid raid like ours he seemed like our best bet. Unfortunately clearing to him took a LONG time (it seems that the first time we clear a ZG room it takes like 2 hours). By the time we were ready to gank Mandokir the Raptor-riffic Lord of Bloodies we only had time left for 2 attempts.

The first attempt failed quickly. I was brutally chopped into chunks by a Mortal Strike with Mando at 83%. We agreed to put some more healing on me and started regrouping. We were still rebuffing and discussing strats when I noticed Mave break out of the raid circle.

As if out for a Sunday jog he trotted casually across the empty courtyard, ran right through Mandokir, and stopped just behind him (possibly to tie his shoe). Mandolin said something along the lines of "oh no you didn't!"

Horrible, horrible death ensued. Days later the trolls are still finding gnomish body parts in the bushes.

Mave explains:

Needless to say we called it a night. Don't worry Mave, it happens. You're still the man.

Roots Night has been kicking butt lately. I really think it's helped bring the community together. Last Monday I believe Mauradon was run, and I took a group through Blackfathom. I even managed to get Nooly killed a few times! Keep it up everyone!

Ok ok enough out of me. It's time for what you've all been waiting for... quotes!

Don't we all, Tweakey. Don't we all.

A better question: What pally ISN'T? Diss!

Did you know: As many as 20% of shellfish suffer from hypertension.

You'll never get anywhere in life with that attitude, Luce.

Croy <3 poisonpoo

Seems like my MOM started playing WoW...

Luckily we have Floog to set Sandy straight...

There's no escaping pantslessness. It's like an MMO plague.

Freakin' brilliant.

As if context is needed for poop quotes.

Kooky advises the raid after we lose AB 1600 to 2000. Thanks, Kooks!
10 Nov 2005 by carwin

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