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Strange doins' a'transpirin'
Halloween has cometh. This year the Tarus are giving pitchforks to all the boys and girls! It's gonna be a busy few weeks in the Windurst eye trauma ward.

Thaden pokes a crawler hive with his oversized novelty axe. 30 seconds later... death.

On Tuesday we totally rocked the Crawler's Nest escort quest with only 4 people, one of them under level 30.

The primary goal of the night seemed to be wasting time. First we walked (!) to Bastok to get the quest, but nobody had enough fame. I DCed twice. Then we death warped and walked to Crawlers Nest where, it turned out, a group had just started an escort of their own. I DCed. Then I followed them around spamming "are you done yet? are you done yet?" while the others picked their noses. When they finally finished we spawned Vulva or whatever that lady's name is and won in about 15 minutes. Over that 3 hour period Thaden found at least 5 creative ways to die. After that I DCed.

But come Thursday, spooky things started to happen.

It all started when Shishi and I logged on at 6:30. I bought a stack of cookies for the chilluns, and we flew to Windy. When I arrived Digi and Maevek were already in sorry states. Digi was explaining some insane theory about "cookie fame," and lamenting that skeletons don't like him enough. Maevek was just shaking in a corner saying "99... not enough... need more... why? WHY?"

Learn about letters... or be devoured!

Both starting foaming when I appoached, begging me for "treats," but that's standard Watcher behavior and didn't seem terribly out of place. What really wiggled my woggle was when Shishi ran to get cookies from her mule... and never returned! Soon word of mysterious disapperances were spreading like crazy fire.


The night grew older, but LS numbers stayed low. Surely Lucent should have logged in by now, I thought. Then Digi and Mae vanished, like so many ping pong balls into puddles of acid. It wasn't log before only 4 people remained, and if the others act anything like I do they were cowering in their Mog houses with wet trousers.

Finally I had had enough. I clenched my teeth, bit my tongue, and logged out to find Shishi! Everything went black. Then I was transported through a strange spinning blue vortex. Searing phrases like "connecting to lobby..." and "ERROR POL-*$@!%" tore through my brain like rusty pizza cutters. Then it stopped. I was staring at a blank desktop. Everything was just... gone. What had become of Carwin? The tarus? What would I do?

Unable to bear the emptiness, I clicked on another icon.

O noes its ghosty here 2!

First off, I wanna thank Zerol for organizing Roots Night. I can say without reservation that Monday was a smash success, and I think everyone can agree it's really revitalized the less-than-60 community. Hats off, Zerolly.

Secondly I wanna give a big dorky "thumbs up!" to everyone who came to ZG on Wednesday. This was our smoothest run yet by a long shot. I realize that progress is pretty slow, but this week soothed a lot of my deeper concerns. Congratulations to Kam on those "just-slightly-better-than-SC" boots. Grats Sd on the cossack. You can use that in 2008 when we finally get enough rep to buy the BPs.

We're not dead, we're just resting our eyes.

That hexxer battle is freakin' madness. Giant totems and skeleton pits and invisible shades and mind controls and frogs and... sheesh. Whoever came up with this encounter needs to lay off the Powerful Mojo. Much props to everyone who stayed up waaaayyy past their bed times to work on it. We'll kill him some day!

Oh, and no ZG this coming Wednesday. It's time for a breather.

Don't let this man baby sit for you, no matter how many times his Mom says he's "good with kids."

Cheers all.
21 Oct 2005 by carwin

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