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Where do 75s do their dry cleaning?
Sheesh, what a week.


Halloween is here again! It freakin terrifies me that a whole year has passed since we last farmed Treat Staves. If I keep leveling at this pace I'll be 75 in 2020. And yes I checked that math on a calculatron.

FFXI has always had great Halloween events (and loot), so we're going to use the opportunity to get everyone to the starting cities for some nice group screenshots like these.

Swing by Here and help Lucent plan stuff up!

A pair of taru babble innocently as elvaan muggers close quietly around them.

Safer hit 88 in Alchemy, so next time you see him demand pots! On a related note: Safer, the FBI was asking about you. Something about the "alchemy lab" in your moghouse. I'm sure it's just a misunderstanding... but if not I noticed that fluffy bush by the orastery would be a great spot to hide and possibly transport a large amount of perfectly innocent but still inconvenient materials. Message me.

Congratulations to Ukiki on hitting 75! And grats to Kiet on defeating Maat in an amazingly quick 1 minute and 5 seconds. Lemme ninja a POL greeting card to express my admiration.

POL: the Hallmark of the interweb!

In WoW we poked at ZG yet again. It was neither our best nor our worst run, but still fun. We killed Venoxis, and more importantly figured out why the hell he does his mass-death Holy Wrath nuke. Thanks to Fyj for pushing us over the edge of comprehension there.

We then cleared to Mar'li the spider chick, and actually got to fight this time! Woohoo! In case you forgot, here's a screenshot from the previous attempt:

... except change that number to 0:00 and skip the friendly warning text entirely.

Anyway we still wiped, but getting in a few attempts is better than none!

We are going back to ZG this coming Wednesday for what I predict will be a very succesful run (if we get the numbers). After going with Ysera on Friday and seeing the impact extra organization can make I'm going to lead this raid a bit differently from the norm. Come give it a shot, we'll have fun.

Zerol's opening-night event for Monday Roots Nights was a great success! We ran around Dun'Morogh, got drunk, dueled, played a game, handed out phat lewt prizes, and wrapped it up with a few simultaneously low-level instance runs. Woohoo!

Roots Night is upon us again tonight! Come one come all!

Last but definitely not least:

Last night we finally said goodbye to our founder and guild leader Raiiden (aka. Lockee). Many of us remember being pearled by Raii in our early days of FFXI. Raii was always a great friend and leader, event runner and organizer, and of course distinguished member of the Cinnacookies. The website(s), the forums, and a vast majority of the principles and guidelines that define Watchers were designed and maintained by him. The fact is that Watchers, as a guild, shell and community, simply would not exist without Raiiden.

Everyone be sure to bid him a fond farewell Here.

Though this goes without saying: Raii, If you ever wish to come back there'll always be a spot for you. /salute.
17 Oct 2005 by carwin

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