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Back in action.
Ugh, sorry about last week. Work was kinda like this:

Except that guy in the middle is me. And the guy on the bottom is my cruel slavemaster bosses laughing at my ordeal. I didn't even show up for Wednesday raid. That's how bad it was.

Next week might be like that again, so in anticipation I'll try to make up for it in advance.

Watcher's Nights! Tuesday and Thursday. If you're not showing up, you're a bad person. You're lucky I'm not King or you'd be upside down in a dungeon somewhere watching a candle slowly melt the rope holding you over a pit of tarantulas. That's right. You.

On Tuesday we did a Promy ENM run. And it was actually kinda fun, which really confused me. I think I've decided my true problem with Promy's is the bosses, not the climb. They're just so random and stupid and require such perfect party setups. Anyway, the ENM boss is about as challenging as pushing an 8 year old with two broken arms into traffic. So not very.

We won that and got 3k xp! Which is excellent. Risby also borrowed a million gil (!) from me to keep the {tarutaru} strongmen off his back. But he's gonna have a whole new set of problems if he doesn't get it back to me! /poke /poke.

Lucent also said something funny, but I didn't have fraps on. angry

Then on Thursday we tried to get Tweakey a Castle Zvahl coffer key, which is always a nightmare. Thursday was no exception. Let's never speak of it again.

In WoW we ran a few instances, a few BGs... the usual.

Three young Jedi get earn their sabers...

... and set right to work murdering Wookies!

The big news is that Monday (today!) is the kick-off party of Roots Night! Also known as lowbie night, newbie night, n00b night, or n00bewbie night. Hopefully the last one.

Everyone gather in Kharanos (that little dorf town south of IF) at 8 server time for drinking, feasting, fireworking, drinking and fun. If you don't show up... you know, ropes and tarantulas and all that.

Also, ZG on Wednesday! Yessss! We can do this!!!

I'll be back later this week to report on the fun. Until then, peas.
10 Oct 2005 by carwin

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