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Who broke my screenshots?
The main reason news is late week is that I keep forgetting to crop screenshots when I'm at home. But dammit it's Friday and through wind or snow or rainy clouds the news must get through. So all pictures will be taken from Google image searches on the topic being discussed. I'm sure they'll all be perfectly relevant.

A heapin' helping of "Gurub."

Wednesday's Zul'Gurub run was something of a mixed bag. It was frustrating to be so short-handed (most of the night we had substantially less than 15 people), but it was great that we finally pulled together and killed Venoxis!

Much thanks to everyone who attended, and Congrats Alona and Tom on your leet lewts. Especially Tom on the Zulian Tigerhide Cloak. Here's a screenie:

Use your imagination.

Greetings to Divinity. A few Watchers have raided with them on and off and they seem like good folks. Do we have a website of theirs I can link?

Over in FFXI we traveled to Selbina on Thursday with Taurran and Dracos for some newbie leveling action. It took longer than we expected and we had to call it a night early, but those two are just that much closer to uberness now that they're in beautiful Valkurm Dunes.

You're not truly uber until you're xping in Valkurm Upslope Mega-Ripples.

Otherwise nothing happened really. It was a slow week. I've had many bus adventures, though! One day police came onto our bus looking for assault suspects.

The next day I left my wallet on the bus (filled with all my lewt!) and flipped out for 3 hours until I got it back miraculously.

So the lesson is, watch out for these:

Ok, that's enough bandwidth wasting. Post in the accomplishments section people!!! Or I don't know what you do!!

FFXI Accomplishments.
WoW Accomplishments.

Anyway, see you soon!
23 Sep 2005 by carwin

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