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Watcher's Night and Unfunny Quotes
Maybe these quotes aren't the greatest, but they've been piling up in my folder for months and I want them gone! You hear me? Gone!

You see, quality control will only get you so far. Sometimes you need to release a clipping-room-floor, special edition, Director's Cut to make a quick buck. Some of the footage in this update may not even be new, just reposted on accident due to forgetfulness, like a clip episode. The laziness knows no bounds!

So let's all have a 'meh time together!

Gil 2 me pls Koby

*Ba-dum crash*

Why did this innocent conversation go so wrong?

Koby tells me this trick works as often as it fails.

Who might this mystery "Joe" person be? Feel free to post your theories.


You need a masters in FF lingo to understand what's happening here.

{yes, please.}

Uh, if you say so.

Seems reasonable.

Nooly tells the best stories.

The shocking truth: Joa is the result of the infamous 'Plan Weird'

They are indeed, Jeron. They are indeed.

Hey I guess those weren't so bad after all.

Don't turn that dial, there's actually news too!

Come back to FFXI Watchers every Tuesday and Thursday for free Shrimp Cocktails and Keyrings (the previous promise may not be honored)! Read all about it Here and don't be a stranger.

Mimi's trying to get her Avatars. Need em too? Help!

Jeron is wants to steam some sprouts. This being FF, that requires 6 people. Supply some cooking lessons Here.

Maat's in for it now!

Nooly posted some quotes of his own Here. They're really more like stories than quotes, and very worth reading. Also check out the very tittilating picture series chronicalling his sultry climb up the legendary Delkfutt's Tower Here.

Lastly, welcome back Zod and Lach. I have learned that my version of history isn't quite right after all, so even more than ever: water under the bridge. :)

Even horrible ghouls think staring at their hands is trippy.

For those without FFXI accounts, there's an Uldaman run on Thursday night, and of course a raid on Wednesday.

Joacheim now has 4 (quattro, for our foreign readers) characters over 40 in WoW, all with mounts. I'm not sure if I should say "grats!" or "wtf?"

And if you missed it: Expansions, Heros and Bugs!.
Exciting stuff ahead.

That's all the food thats fit to submit. Until next time!
07 Sep 2005 by carwin

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