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Brown, Purple and Green monsters. All die.

Over the weekend we camped Centurio-XI for Digi's Shaman Cloak. Nearly a full Alliance showed up so a boring camp wound up being a pretty good time. Thanks for showing, folks!

Jarl's too cool for this fight.

Kobalt got his Florida Driver's License, and used his newfound automotive skillz to run over King Behemoth. Now he's just gotta hide the purple crap on his bumper from the po'nine.

I went to learn a little bit about SE's favorite purple-and-proud monster. Turns out it's a Demon!

Behemoth rules over the domain of gluttony, and is said to be butler and high cupbearer of hell.

Or at least, that's what he was in his glory days. Now he's just a pissed-off, pot bellied elephant with a drinking problem.

I love mah belly!

CharlieWoo is determined to bot his way to victory in last week's Hauby Saving Sim. He's almost halfway there too! Follow his journey Here.

Jerondiir got both his BRD AF1 and his Promy runs done! Off to Tavnazia he goes. Handir got his Scythe of Trails and is working on Spiral Hell. Tarran (Horun) got Rank 2 after only 6 months of playing! {Good Job!}. Dracoz got it too, but a bit faster.

Spiral Hell, on earth!

Everyone on WoW totally rocked out last week, as far as I can tell. And yet... there's not much to say.

We stayed up until 4am Pacific on Friday, raiding with the great folks over at Dreams of Ysera. Tons of fun. Nearly everybody got a set piece and Kamery got her UBRS key (making her the first Watcher to get one).

I was too delirious to take any screenies... but my memory of the experience is something like this:

As you can see, only the hardcore need apply.

Along those lines, I posted a new batch of WoW pics on the forums. Consider them an extension of this news story and go check em out Here.

Oh! I totally forgot to post this last week: Antonin got 59th Honor ranking on the server. That's an unbelievable accomplishment. Grats Ant!!

See ya'll online.
23 Aug 2005 by carwin

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